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  • New NYC Map App
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Planning to visit NYC soon? Make sure to download the iOS CityMaps app. This new app put out by the NYC Department of Tourism is bound to make your trip a lot easier. What’s so special about the new map app? Lots! To start, tourists will be able to view store spots on the map by picking out a company logo. In addition, tourists will be able to book a table at a restaurant, and view any company activity on social media networks.

Of course, the CityMaps app is also a map that will help tourists guide cabbies who have no idea where certain spots are. Not only is the CityMaps app innovative, it’s also an excellent idea that could, potentially, help NYC earn some extra income. Here’s what you’ll find when you download the CityMaps app.

Brilliant Idea: Brands!

Most map apps provide tourists with pinned locations. While green and red pins can be helpful, it can be more than a little annoying trying to look for a store or find a location within a mass of red pins. In order to do so, you have to hover over each pin looking for that store you want to visit. CityMaps is different than all the rest because this app doesn’t include any pins. Instead of pins, CityMaps is using brands to pinpoint certain map locations.

Let’s say, for example, that you are heading to Madison Avenue and you want to know where Nike is. If you look at the CityMaps app, you will see that familiar “Swoosh” on Madison at the exact location of the giant Nike store. This same kind of search can be used to find any retail location from Prada to Babycakes. The NYC Tourism Board was banking on the fact that travelers are very familiar with brands, and this assumption was right on the money.

Speaking of Money

Even though NYC receives more than 50 million visitors every year, this is one city that can use as much money as it can get. Those extra funds are then used to make tourism even better and provide needed city services. The new CityMaps app can possibly generate money by requiring retailers to purchase map space. Want your logo on a CityMaps map? You’ll have to pay to rent out that space – not a bad deal considering the number of tourists who will be looking for your logo.

The whole CityMaps concept from start to finish is a great one, and it’s one that many other city travel boards will be watching. If you currently have an iPhone, head to your Apple Store and look for CityMaps. You’ll find the latest version of this app is available right now. You’ll be able to look for a store according to that store’s logo, book a restaurant table through OpenTable, and even see what specials stores are offering through the social media links. If you’re heading to NYC soon, don’t leave home without your phone and this map app!