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  • A New York Times Collection of E-Books
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Journalists tend to be conflicted when it comes to e-books. Some believe that the electronic version of a book is ideal for writing stories that are just the right length. Others still hold hard and fast to the feel and smell of a newspaper or paperback. The New York Times seems to have come to the conclusion that e-books are, indeed, good for a journalist’s career – or a newspaper’s longevity. The NY Times announced this morning that the paper would be putting out a collection of e-books.

Contained in some of these e-books will be some of the best articles written for the Times over the past few years. Other books will include short stories written by Times staff members that have not been printed yet. The New York Times is collaborating with two well-known digital publishers on this new project.

Byliner and Vook Partnership

If you’re going to start printing e-books, hooking up with two of the biggest digital publishers out there is a great start. The New York Times company will be working with both Byliner and Vook. The e-books that the NY Times puts out with the help of Byliner will includes various short stories that are commissioned by the two companies. In all likelihood, these stories will go to established writers and journalists who have written for the NY Times in the past.

The books put out by both the Times and Vook will be more like compilations of past NY Times articles. The Times will work with Vook to pull some of the more memorable articles from past issues. These articles will then be compiled into e-books that will retail for around $1.99 or higher. The Byliner e-books are also affordable starting at $2.99 per book. This is an interesting move for the New York Times, and it’s also one that has the media world abuzz today.

Joining Other Newspapers

The New York Times isn’t the only paper to go the e-book route. The Washington Post and USA Today have both ventured into e-book territory. The New York Times has also been working in digital for sometime now. Most recently, the newspaper blocked many of its articles to readers who do not have a NY Times membership. This move, though controversial, proved to work well for the Times. Moving into the digital age, it seems, is one of the only things that newspaper companies can do these days.

As printed newspaper and magazine sales drop, companies like the NY Times are seeking other ways to spread the written word. E-books, it seems, are one of the most popular ways to accomplish this task. Already this holiday season, e-book readers and tablets are some of the most popular devices being sold. Any company that jumps on the digital printing bandwagon will likely do well. The first New York Times e-book will be available for purchase on December 17th. Some of the titles that will be published in the future include e-books detailing John Huges and Apple, amongst others.