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  • Candy Crush Fans: Meet Odus the Owl
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The game that you spend most of your time playing has just received a nice little update. I'm talking about Candy Crush Saga, of course! Now, the game that many people spend hours playing (and annoyingly asking Facebook friends to play) will certainly use up more of your free time.

New Candy Crush Updates

Now Candy Crush lovers will have a new game world to play around in plus 65 additional levels. That's right - 65 brand new levels to try and conquer. In order to access the new world, you will have to have already accumulated at least 50 levels from the first Candy Crush. Once you've done that, all you have to do is find Odus the Owl.

Odus is a new Candy Crush character, and he will take you into his dream world where you can match three candies per usual - and keep Odus from falling to the ground. Odus remains perched on his private moon, and your job (in addition to matching candies) is to keep Odus from falling. Basically, you have to make sure that your candies are nicely balanced, so that Odus doesn't come crashing down. Not an easy task! But, it's going to be a fun one all the same.

Moon Matters

In addition to keeping Odus on the moon, every time you match candies Odus gains more moon power. What is moon power? Basically, it's a way for you to blast through candies. Once Odus' moon has been filled up adequately, you can nix a whole color from your current board. Sounds like fun, right? It is, and a ton of Candy Crush users are already making fast friends with Odus.

This shouldn't be a huge shock to fans, but Candy Crush is the most popular Facebook game, and it's one of the most popular mobile games of all time. In fact, Candy Crush is so popular that Rovio released a new version of Angry Birds the other day, but few people actually read, heard, or played that game! Why? It's all about candies now.

Mobile Moves Fast

The world of mobile gaming moves very quickly. One day it's all about flinging birds, and the next day it's about matching candies. Candy Crush developers know that they have to keep the momentum going as long as possible, and that's only going to happen if players continue to be entertained. One way to do that is to add levels, new characters, and other bits and pieces to the already addicting game.

Are you ready for Odus? He's ready for you! You can check out Odus' new world right now if you are already a Candy Crush addict (and who isn't?). Just remember that you have to complete those first 50 levels to see what Odus and his moon is all about.

Are you a Candy Crush fan? Have you checked out Odus yet? Do you love or hate this new character. And, most importantly, how can the makes of Candy Crush improve the game so that you will want to keep playing it for years to come?