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  • Office for iOS Is Here
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Have you ever wished that you could work on a Word, Excel, or other Office file from your iPhone? Well, now you can. Microsoft is launching Office for iPhone. The iOS version of Office will include PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

Technically, the version of Word that iOS users (called 'Office Mobile') will find is now available is exactly like the Office apps that Windows users have access to. This is Microsoft's attempt to get rid of platform exclusivity by providing Office access for all.

Office 365 For All Devices

When Microsoft released Office 365, the company promised users that the suite would be available across all devices. When Microsoft made this claim, the company meant to make good on the claim by offering Office on all device, and that's what Microsoft is doing today. Now, Office 365 users really do have complete access to the suite across all devices.

Microsoft's new Office for iOS app is available across the US today, but there is one catch. While the app is free for anyone to download, only Microsoft 365 subscribers will be able to actually use the app. When you attempt to download the app, it will ask for your username and login credentials, so do keep this in mind. How can you get a 365 login?

Microsoft 365 Details

Microsoft's 365 is available at the annual fee of $99. The reason why 365 is so popular is that it's meant to be available across all devices (such as an iOS device). One Microsoft 365 account can be used to log into up to five different iOS devices, so keep this in mind when considering the cost of the program.

Is it worth purchasing a 365 subscription just to use the new iOS Office app? It really depends on how often you use Word. If you need Word (or any other Office program, to be fair) regularly, you want to use it wherever you go, and you need to be able to access it from your iPhone, you may want to think about a 365 subscription.

Is This App For You?

Never use Office? This probably isn't worth the $100 that you'd have to spend. Still, Microsoft is standing behind the company's promise to make 365 available to everyone, everywhere, and that's something to think about. There are some additional details that you should know if you are thinking about purchasing 365 for iPhone use:

1. The app also runs on the iPad.
2. An iPhone download doesn't count against your five device limit.
3. There is no Office for Android, yet.
4. The app is easy to navigate and has been developed for small iPhone screens.

This is the first foray into iPhone territory that Microsoft has considered, and it's also a first for the Office app. If Office tools are something that you need on the go, regularly, it's worth checking out what Microsoft has to offer. Used the app already? Let me know what you think.

One last note: the app will not roll out internationally until early next week.