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  • Onavo App for iPhone
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Purchasing an iPhone for the first time is like opening your eyes to a whole new universe. Suddenly, everything that makes your world yours is available to you around the clock. Effortless and intelligent, the iPhone is one tool that you’ll want to carry with you everywhere. The only problem with this is that carrying your iPhone everywhere means dealing with roaming charges.

That’s where the handy Onavo app comes into play. Onavo is an app that promises to save you money on your data plan while you are roaming. This app can also save you money while you are not roaming. Those large app culprits (Facebook, Twitter, to name a few) don’t stand a chance against this innovative app. Not only does Onavo sounds great, it also delivers. If you travel a lot, you’ll want to check out what Onavo has to offer.

Quiet and Undetectable

There would be little point to a money saving app that costs you money. So, the developers behind Onavo decided to make this app silent and virtually undetectable. You can run Onavo on your iPhone, and it won’t take up any space. You’ll also be able to run this app at all times without slowing down your Wi-Fi or messing up anything else that you can’t live without (with one exception).

Picture quality is slightly diminished with Onavo. Note that I used the word “slightly.” You might notice a small change in photo quality, but most people won’t note a thing. If this doesn’t bother you (and it shouldn’t considering all the money that you’ll save with Onavo), this app is well worth your time.

Ease of Use

Onavo is also easy to use. The app consists of three menu panels including: “My Savings,” “Save Money,” and “Add-Ons.” The “My Savings” provides you with a straightforward savings chart that shows you how you’ve saved money using the Onavo app. When you tap the “Save Money” tab, you’ll have the option to start or stop Onavo (it should be noted that you can just leave this app running at all times).

The “Add-ons” menu option allows you to select which apps you want Onavo to control. For example, you can ask Onavo to handle your Facebook app, and it will effectively save you money while Facebook is running, and when the app is no longer in use. At the time of this writing, Onavo was a free app, though there are rumors that Onavo will turn into a paid service once the app is no longer in beta form. The proposed cost of the app is unknown.

Will Onavo Save You Money?

When tested, Onavo did save iPhone users a fair amount of money. You can effectively double or triple your data plan using Onavo. If you are on a tight budget or have a very small data plan, Onavo is the way to go. Presently, Onavo works only for iPhone, though Android users have a reason to rejoice: Onavo will soon be available for Android as well.