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  • More Than One MIllion Xbox One Consoles Sold!
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The Xbox One was released last night. How did it do? According to a Reuters report, Microsoft sold more than one-million Xbox Ones in 24-hours. Wow. That's a new record for Microsoft, and it also beats Sony's PS4 sales by enough of a margin for Microsoft to celebrate.

Sony and Microsoft are at war this holiday season with both the PS4 and Xbox One appearing on shelves at almost the same time. Interestingly, the Xbox One comes with a higher price tag, but that didn't seem to phase most shoppers that handed over $499 for the new console yesterday.

An Odd Fact

It's really interesting to note that neither Microsoft or Sony has come up with any mind-blowing games to offer users. Yet, consumers are buying up these consoles like they're going out of style. Why would gamers want consoles that may or may not get good games? It all comes down to the hardware.

Gamers, it seems, are really just interested in what each console has to offer hardware-wise. Games seem to be a secondary thought in this console battle. Sales from the One are the most that Microsoft has ever seen with a console, and that's a good thing considering the fact that the company built the One based on the notion that hardware was the number one factor.

But, What About the Games?

There's no doubt that some PS4 consoles and some Xbox One consoles are going to be wrapped up and placed under a tree, but what will buyers do about games? So far, neither console really has any great games to go along with it. Sony did announce a few games that are in development during the PS4 launch, but those games aren't ready yet. Microsoft does have a few game offerings, but those games aren't exactly thrilling.

If you did buy a Xbox One, you'll get a few interesting titles like Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3 - but, that's really all there is to write home about. Microsoft has stated that new games will be developed within the month, though. Some consumers might be buying the console for it's ability to replace your living room setup, too.

Why People Want Better Hardware

Not only does better hardware mean a better gaming experience, but the One was meant to take over your living room as a sort of entertainment center. For those buying the console for entertainment value, great hardware is an absolute must in order to avoid any lag or other problems. Microsoft did put all of its eggs into the hardware/One basket, and it looks like that gamble has really paid off - and the console has only been for sale for one day!

If you want a Xbox One, you probably won't find this console at your local electronics store. Microsoft has to make more of the console first, and that could take a while. Will Sony or Microsoft win this battle? It's hard to tell, but Microsoft is off to a really good start.