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  • 1Password: For All Your Password Needs
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1Password is an online service application, that creates and stores all of your online passwords. Using one password for every website is not very secure, and can put your personal account information at risk.

Trying to remember unique passwords for every website, however, is a pretty daunting, if not impossible, task. Some people choose to store their login information in a hidden place, but that's just about as safe as using the same password every time.

Identity theft isn't going anywhere, anytime soon, so it's very important to take measures to protect account information. Fortunately, the 1Password application is a secure solution for keeping personal account information safe.

With this service, users only need to remember one password, that they will use to log in to 1Password. The application creates secure, unique passwords, which are stored within the system.

1Password is available for $39.99, and is compatible with Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad. It is currently being beta tested for Windows 7 and Android phones. There is also a free trial period, and a 30-day money back guarantee, available for those who want to try out the service before committing to a purchase.


Security is the number one function of 1Password. There are many vulnerabilities involved in creating and storing your own password and account information. Using passwords that are easy to remember, comes with the consequence of also being easy to guess. Saving passwords on a document is not a good idea, because anyone who finds your password list will have access to any and all account information. Using a service, such as 1Password, is the safest way to protect your online information.

1Password uses a computer to generate passwords that are nearly impossible to guess, because they don't include easy to remember words and numbers, like names, birthdays and addresses. Despite the many warnings against using passwords with personal information, many people have a hard time heeding the suggestions, and put their most vulnerable information at risk, including bank account and credit card information. With 1Password, users don't have to worry about coming up with clever passwords, much less remembering all of them.


1Password is integrated directly into the web browser, so it's incredibly easy to use and manage. The user can access all accounts from a drop-down menu, listing different websites and services that he or she is storing passwords for. By selecting an account from the drop-down menu, the application will automatically log the user in, landing on the account page.

The application can be used for many different kinds of accounts. Online shopping venues, such as eBay, Amazon and other retailers, are a perfect use for this service, because 1Password also safely stores credit card and other payment information. Credit card accounts and other bill-related websites are another great use for this application.

1Password can also be used for convenience, storing passwords for accounts that don't have personal information. It's just a great service for organizing and storing passwords in one, easily accessible and secure place.