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  • PS4 VS. Xbox One Pricing Comparison
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Microsoft has been rather candid when it comes to details and pricing related to the Xbox One. As more details surface, prices seem to be climbing higher and higher. Then again, Sony's new PlayStation 4 will also come with some added expenses.

Confused by what each company is including with each console, or how much each console will cost? Here's a simple breakdown of both - and a quick comparison of the two.

Included In the Xbox One

Microsoft will provide a console and a Kinect camera with every Xbox One. You'll also get a controller for that price. What won't you get? That's a different story.

Not Included In the Xbox One

Microsoft won't include a headset with the Xbox One console. If you want to use multiplayer settings on the One or voice chat via Xbox Live, you will have to purchase a headset. The console will not come with any additional or replacement controller, either. How much will a headset and a new controller cost you?

Costs of Headsets and Controllers for the Xbox One

Microsoft's headsets will sell for $24.99. Spare controllers will cost $59.99. If you add it all up, here's the cost breakdown for the Xbox One:

*In-Box Pricing (Console): $499.99
*Add a Headset: $524.99
*Add an Extra Controller: $584.98

How does all of this compare to the new PS4? Aside from the fact that these are two very different consoles, Sony's pricing isn't really too far off from the prices that Microsoft has tacked onto the One.

Sony's PS4 Pricing'

*In-Box Pricing (Console): $399.99
*Add a Camera: $459.99

As you can see, Sony isn't including a camera in-box with the PS4 console, but the company is including a headset with the PS4. There's no word yet on how much additional controllers will cost, though they will be priced separately. So, is one really cheaper than the other one?

Sony's PS4 is cheaper by at least one-hundred dollars (with headset + camera pricing). Why has Microsoft priced its new console so high? It depends on how you look at it, but, clearly, Microsoft thinks that the new One will be the console to purchase this coming fall. As far as games and gamer-types go, the One and the PS4 are relatively comparable.

Will Microsoft's high pricing actually work? It's really hard to say, but those shopping for holiday gift ideas will save money with the PS4 (if the games available for the console are in-line with that pricing).

One Word of Warning

Older Xbox 360 controllers and games are not compatible with the new Xbox One. So, if you're thinking that you'll just use your old games and controllers with the new console, this won't work. It also doesn't seem too likely that Microsoft will be re-creating older game titles, so that's off the table too. With the new console's new core technology, older games simply won't work.

It will be interesting to see how many Xbox One consoles Microsoft manages to sell when the console is finally released - and, how much the company will sell new games for.