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  • One Fine Stay: Rent Your Luxury Home Away From Home
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You may have heard of Airbnb, the site that lets you rent a regular home or apartment in another city while you are traveling, but you probably haven’t heard of One Fine Stay yet.

What do the two have in common? Like Airbnb, One Fine Stay connects travelers with apartments in Paris, New York, LA, or London, but this site only lists luxury rentals.

For the First World

If Airbnb was created to offer people an alternative to overpriced hotel rooms, One Fine Stay is just the opposite of that. This site’s aim is to provide people with first class accommodations in some very fine homes, so that you can get all of the experience that comes with renting a cozy house without any of the hassles of going through a hotel chain.

As you might expect, One Fine Stay’s listings start at $180 per night (the lowest you can go), and can reach all the way into the thousands for one night in, say, a luxury flat in Paris.

If you have the cash, you can stay like the rich do in Manhattan or in any of the other locations that One Fine Stay currently services. It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to spend such a large part of their travel budget on accommodations (after all, how long are you going to stay inside when you’re visiting Paris or another city?), but the site might have a market in the truly spoiled or in those that want to splurge for a big event like an anniversary.

A Familiar Setup

When looking at One Fine Stay, I’m immediately reminded of Airbnb (without the odd new logo). Large and bright photographs are displayed when you choose a location, you can use a sliding scale to select the price that you’re willing to pay per night, options like whether or not pets and children are allowed are included on a left hand side bar, and ratings created by other visitors are included on the site as well.

Some of the unique features here include options such as choosing the size of bed you want to sleep in (this is actually a nice touch, and it might be something that Airbnb should consider, since so many of that site's “beds” are actually futons or air mattresses), whether or not you want a piano in the home (seven of the listings currently offer pianos), and you can also choose whether or not you want a rooftop terrace to be included in the listings you’re looking at.

Listing Quality

After taking a look through the offerings in NYC, I noticed that most of the listings under $400 per night (and we’re talking $200 per night plus) were located in Brooklyn, and still consisted of lofts and Ikea furniture - granted, you will get a bit more space than the average Airbnb option, but you’re not making it to the Upper West Side unless you spend more than $400 per night.

If a luxury home away from home is what you need to feel good while traveling, One Fine Stay might be what you’ve always dreamed about. The site also claims that every listing comes with “hotel-grade cleaning and housekeeping,” so you don’t have to clean your own mess, at least. Check out One Fine Stay if luxury while traveling is something that you can’t live without.