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  • OneGigabit Offers Canadians Super High Speed
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A new Vancouver startup is bringing Google Fiber-type Internet to Canada. The company, One Gigabit, aims to offer Canadians Internet that's 60 times faster than regular Internet speeds. Best of all, One Gigabit promises these speeds at just $45 to $65 CDN per month. That's a heck of a lot lower than the prices that Google Fiber will be offering, and it's a great way for Canadians to get in on the fiber Internet craze.

How the Costs Will be Lowered

How is it possible that a Canadian company can come along and offer fiber Internet speeds at a super low cost? Because, simply, setting up fiber radio equipment was once a lot more expensive. Now that this same equipment is "half the speed," it's a lot easier and less expensive to set up the same fiber Internet system that Google is offering.

The only problem now is that building out this fiber system takes time. Just as Google will be taking a good amount of time to set up the company's own Fiber Internet system, One Gigabit says that it will be awhile before the fiber system is available across Canada. However, this is one of the first times that something is available in Canada before it is available in the United States, and that's a good thing for Canadians.

When One Gigabit's System Will Arrive

Since this system takes time to build, the new Internet option won't be available anytime soon. But, One Gigabit does promise that the fiber Internet option will be available in the near future, and the company is already working on building the system.

It makes a good deal of sense to go with fiber Internet if you currently use the Internet a lot and want something super fast. Plus, most Internet companies in Canada offer high speed Internet at very high prices, so, comparatively, this really makes a lot of sense for most Canadians.

Canada has long been advanced as far as technology goes, so it's somewhat of a surprise that this type of Internet hasn't appeared in Canada yet. Then again, as mentioned, costs were much higher a year ago. Now that it's affordable, fiber Internet in Canada is the way to go. If you live in Canada, you can expect One Gigabit to bring fiber speeds to the Vancouver area first. This should be followed by expansion to other parts of Canada.

A Fiber Speed Recap

In case you haven't heard much about Fiber internet speeds, the deal is that this type of Internet is much faster than any other kind of Internet option. One Gigabit is set to offer speeds up to 1,000 Mbps, a DVR that can record up to eight channels at once, a free Nexus 7 tablet/remote, 162 TV channels (yes, Showtime is included), and 500 hours of HDTV.

That's a whole lot of services packed into a package that will be (at least) $10 cheaper than the Google fiber option. If One Gigabit can pull it all off, this company will soon be taking Canada by storm.