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  • Opera Introduces App Pass
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If you use Opera, you may be offered free access to some apps soon enough. Different than Opera Max (which allowed some Android users to use various apps for free for a select period of time), the new Opera Max with App Pass isn't just restricted to Opera browser users.

Opera Max with App Pass works with any mobile app or browser that Android users want to use. Further, Opera told press today that various handset manufacturers (including Samsung) are going to pre-load Opera Max on new phone models, which will be a huge win for the company.

Asian Markets First

The European and Asian brand Telenor is the first company to partner with Opera, and this means that Opera Max with App Pass will be offered to Telenor clients in Asia first, and then expanding to the rest of the globe if that works out well for both companies.

By having Opera Max with App Pass pre-loaded onto various devices, the company will be able to push the program to millions of people. Starting with an Asian market makes sense, too, since this market is often interested in new programs like the one that is now included with Opera Max.

Moving to the US

If Opera Max with App Pass pans out in Asia, the company will bring the option to US markets. Opera's strategy is to allow various brands to offer data plans that are also free with the help of App Pass. Plus, current Opera users will like the App Pass option, since it allows users access to various apps for free.

Opera sees an opportunity to bring Max to developed markets as well, since users no longer have to run the Opera browser. This lets operators provide users with Max Pass for free to all users, which should be enough incentive to get the ball rolling in developed markets.

The Future of Opera App Pass

Users can also use Opera App Pass to keep tabs on data plans by watching how much data is used, and this can potentially save users a lot of money per month. All in all, the new Opera deal is a win-win for both users and for the company, and it will be interesting to see hot it all works out.

If you do live in an area where Opera is currently available, you can check out Max Pass right now. You'll also find it on new devices in the next few months, if you live in one of the areas mentioned above. Opera hasn't stated when the company will bring Max Pass to North America, but I'm guess that will be within a year or so.

It seems like a good idea to offer a free app pass to users, and it's one that will likely work out for Opera. Opera works with Android platforms only, at the moment. Check out Opera's main page for more information about App Pass. Keep in mind, though, that you can't use App Pass yet if you are in North America.