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  • The Future of Fashion: OSha're
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The fashion world has seen a tech explosion lately. From companies like Apple hiring fashion execs to new platforms and social networks, fashion is big business. A new platform called OSha're puts that theory to the test. A combination of Pinterest and ecommerce, OSha're is the wave of the fashion future.

Post, Look, Buy, Coordinate

OSha're wants users to post clothing and fashion items to tiled boards - much like Pinterest. From there, users can comment and view other user boards (again, like Pinterest).

But, here's where it gets a bit different. When users post photos of a fashion piece, OSha're will help those users find that piece online or in a store. That's not all this new platform does either. OSha're also makes it possible to coordinate outfits using a photo.

For example, say you post a photo of a large straw hat on OSha're. The site will then put an outfit together for you that includes that straw hat. Of course, you can find all the pieces included in that outfit by clicking on each item.

You will be brought directly to a store's page where that items is included. Sound like a great way to shop? It just might be - and it's also a dream platform for advertisers.

Perfect For Marketers

OSha're provides fashion companies with an opportunity to share items, post a link to that item, and help shoppers coordinate each item with additional items from a store. Sometimes it's hard to see how that oddly striped shirt you love could possibly go with anything else, but it's a lot easier to see what that shirt can go with if a retailer makes it obvious.

In an instant, retailers can double the amount of items a person would normally purchase from a store. Shoppers might be reluctant to buy one piece, but they will buy more items if an entire outfit is presented. This also gives retailers a chance to offer coupons and discounts on entire outfits - not a bad idea. OSha're is currently in beta mode, but I had a chance to check it out.

OSha're's Interface and Options

As stated, this platform looks and acts a lot like Pinterest. If it's not broke, don't fix it, I suppose. The platform runs out of Taiwan, so the English on the site is a bit lacking, and the whole "click to buy or find" feature is tough to figure out. However, the site is nice to look at and is currently being used by a handful of people, so it's fun to browse around (even if it's just to see how fashion in different parts of the world is so unique).

If you love fashion and love to pin things (though I suppose it's not called "pinning" if it's not Pinterest!), you should check out OSha're. The site isn't easy to use right now, but you can figure it out if you spend a bit of time browsing around - you can even pin your own items. Take a look!