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  • The Ultimate Outdoor TVs
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Outdoor TVs aren’t something that most people think about. You may like the idea of putting a TV outside on your patio or near your pool, but I’m betting that you haven’t read much about these TVs at all, and that’s largely because they are expensive.

But, there’s some merit to considering purchasing a $6,000+ SunbriteTV. Yes, they’re pricey, but they also have some key elements that regularly televisions just don’t (which is why it’s not recommended to place a regular TV outside!).

If you like the idea of a TV outdoors, take a look at this review.

The Good Bits

Sunbrite makes its TVs with the following features:

Extremely rugged
Excellent image quality even in bright sunlight
Decent black levels and color brights

These are all things that you want in any television you plan to place outside. Sunbrite has designed its series of TVs to withstand any kind of weather too. From wind and hail to snow and bright sunshine, this TV is truly the outdoors kind. That said, there are some drawbacks that may make you think twice about buying a TV that’s more than $6,000.

Things to Think About

These TVs are heavy. No, really heavy. Sunbrite does offer various mounting options and mounting hardware to go with the TVs in its lineup, and you’d do well to purchase your hardware from the company directly – not every TV frame can handle this much weight!

Other things to consider include:

The price – it’s a lot of money
Your energy bill (this TV takes a lot of energy)
No connectivity options (you can’t make these TVs “smart”)
Various reviewers complain about Sunbrite remotes – but that’s somewhat minor

In case you’re wondering just how weather and waterproof this TV is, one of Sunbrite’s many marketing tactics is to set up a TV underneath the spray of a constant shower. If the company can pour water over one of its TVs on a steady basis during a tradeshow, you can bet that your TV can withstand a lot of weather and water abuse. Sunbrite also claims that this TV is nearly indestructible, and that means that it can take pretty much everything you do outside from balls on the fly to icicles – if not, the company also offers a decent return option.

Do You Need It

That’s the question, right? Do you need an outdoor TV? Well, if you want some company when you’re gardening or you just want to hang a TV by your pool to watch the news, this is probably the TV to get. Will a regular TV suffice if you hang it in your porch? Probably not; regular TVs aren’t built to be waterproof or weatherproof, and most TVs won’t stand a chance against the elements – plus, a regular TV will quickly overheat when left in the sun.

As you can see, there’s a good reason why this TVs cost as much as they does – it’s really made for the outdoors. You can purchase a Sunbrite TV from Amazon or other online retailers.