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  • This Device Will Tell You If You're Overtraining
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Overtraining is common. It’s also a problem. If you train regularly and push your body past the comfortable point, you can wind up sick, tired, and unable to train again for a long time. None of those things are optimal if you are serious about your sport.

But figuring out whether or not you’re in the overtraining zone is really tough to do. A new app called Check My Level might be the one way to quickly figure out whether you can keep pushing it, or whether you need to sit this one out.

How Check My Level Works

The Check My Level app is more than an app. It’s actually a device that includes a sticky part that you attach to your arm, an electrode part that you attach to your hand, and a thumb sensor that you attach to your thumb. Once that’s done (just a few seconds, really), you connect the device to the Check My Level app, and you wait for the results.

You will see a clear chart letting you know whether or not you should train, rest, or recover for a few days. The device takes into account your fatigue levels, hormone levels, mental stress, and whether or not you rested yesterday. Using this information, the device will give you recommended training instructions. Whether or not you listen to the device is up to you, but if you want to recover properly and train harder tomorrow, you’ll pay attention to the advice given.

Rates and Details

The Check My Level app is specifically designed for serious athletes, trainers, and physical therapists. With that in mind, the price tag on this device isn’t too outrageous at 249 Euros (that’s around $310). Additionally, the electrodes that come with the app last for three months, and you have to purchase a new pack when they run out (around $20). Clearly, this device isn’t for the average person that goes to the gym a few times per month.

If you’re serious about a sport or really into bodybuilding, this device is the only one of it’s kind, and it is a solid way to tell whether or not you’re in that dangerous overtraining zone. Most people aren’t going to shell out $300 or more for a device like this one, but it’s a great tool to have if you coach a team, are a professional athlete, or are a sports trainer. The device also lets you schedule weekly workouts according to your current training levels, so that you can always recover properly.


The Check My Level device works with both iOS and Android, but it’s not yet available outside of Europe (according to the website checkout address options). With all the press that this device is getting, though, it’s likely that you will see Check My Level in the U.S. and other countries within the year. So far, the response has been positive, and there’s a lot of interest in the app.

Check My Level was designed by a team of fitness enthusiasts and designers based in Finland. It’s the first app of it’s kind, but if the concept takes off it won’t be the only device that can test training levels on the market.