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  • The New Pac-Man Falls Flat
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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 Review

Do you remember the Pac-Man arcade game? There was something so satisfying about the Pac-Man that ate up all those golden pellets while trying to escape ghosts. In those days, we didn’t hear much from Pac-Man, but we loved him all the same because the game was just fun - and the sounds we did hear, those faster and slower beeps all made sense. Well, times have changed.

There’s a new 3DS version of Pac-Man called Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2. This time around, Pac-Man has characters and character development, he says things, and he’s in 3D. In other words, this is not the Pac-Man of your youth.

A 3DS Pac-Man

The part of this new game that might disturb you the most is the part where Pac-Man shouts things as he gobbles up nearly everything, and I’m not too sure about his voice or his comments. You’ll hear things like “get in my belly!” and “yeeaahh!” He also yelps at times. If that doesn’t bother you (and it might not if you’ve never played the original game), there are some other changes to the game that you may not completely love.

The new Pac-Man has a different plot that goes like this: Baddie Betrayus is the ghost king, and he is trying to ruin PacWorld by sending a bunch of ghosts and robots (yes, robots) to PacWorld to mess it up. But, Pac-Man and his friends (Cylindria and Spiral) have to defend PacWorld by beating the ghosts and robots.

Pac-Man and his friend can eat the intruders and do other things to defend PacWorld (namely, you have to tap either the ‘Y’ or ‘X’ button to unleash special attack modes). The other thing that you can do in this game is put Pac-Man in an Ice or Fire suit, which will give him extra armor.

A Slow Game

If you can recall how thrilling the arcade version of Pac-Man was, you may be disappointed with this version. There’s not a whole lot going on other than using the same buttons over and over again to eat ghosts and robots. While a deeper storyline has been put into the game, it feels weak. After playing this game for a few minutes, my guess is that you’ll get bored with it, but you may not feel that way if you didn’t like the original version or never played it.

Sometimes, games from the past that had their glory days are best left unturned and not turned into 3D. Sure, companies are trying to tap into nostalgia by creating these games (and making more money by doing so), but turning a classic like Pac-Man into a modern 3D game kind of ruins all of that original and simple fun. I’m not even sure that the original game would captivate audiences today, but this game won’t do it either.

Pick up the newest version of Pac-Man if you want to see what’s different about it, or if you’ve never played Pac-Man before, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.