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  • Best Paid and Free iPhone Twitter Apps
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The brevity and location-awareness of Twitter makes it perfect for the iPhone. Once upon a time, there were only a handful of Twitter clients for the iPhone available. But now, there are more Twitter apps to choose from than you can shake a stick at. From paid Twitter iPhone apps to free Twitter iPhone apps, there’s certainly no shortage of choice. This article will take a look at some of the best Twitter iPhone apps, both in the paid and free categories.

Best Paid Twitter iPhone Apps


Tweetstack is a feature-rich multi-column Twitter app that lets you read Twitter updates and post them on the fly. Like TweetDeck, Tweetstack allows you to combine multiple Twitter accounts into a single view. You can also make custom tabs and columns for saved Twitter searches and trends. The main drawback, however, is Tweetstack’s lengthy load time.


Tweetie is a social media darling among Twitter apps. Often imitated, but never duplicated, Tweetie looks slick and performs even slicker. It supports saved searches, multiple accounts and the ability to view profiles and follow users right within the UI. Plus, you’ve got Instapaper integration, conversation views and a landscape keyboard.


If you have Twitter overload, Twiltr is for you. Twiltr’s raison d’etre is its ability to filter out your tweet stream to cut down on the noise. Of course, if you are following so many people that you need to filter them out, it might make sense to simply cut down on your Twitter follows. But if you like to filter tweets by keyword, this is a good app.

Best Free Twitter iPhone Apps


TweetDeck can’t be beat. It’s beloved on Mac and Windows, and it’s beloved on the iPhone, too. TweetDeck allows multiple accounts, saved searches, Facebook integration, following from within the UI, Retweet and Retweet Classic and much more. You can swipe between columns with ease and the look and feel is very familiar for anyone who already uses TweetDeck on their computer. It’s photo integration and automatic link shortening earns it two thumbs up.


Twitterlator is an ad free, no-cost iPhone app that lets you manage replies, DMs and navigate Twitter profiles with ease. It lets you view the friends of your Twitter followers as well as their followers, which is handy for expanding your network. You can also save searches, bookmark individual tweets and much more.


The official Twitter app doesn’t get much glory, but it’s definitely worth your while. In terms of legitimacy and stability, you can’t beat the official source. And the official Twitter app also has support for link shortening and photo uploading. In fact, the mobile features for the Twitter app may even surpass the Twitter.com version for computers and web browsers.


The paid Twitter apps are great for hardcore users, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the Twitter apps on this list. TweetDeck is solid and feature rich and gives even the top paid Twitter apps a run for their money. Try it out and see if it meets your needs before choosing a paid Twitter app.