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Art software has merged technology with the arts. Creating paintings, drawings, and other forms of artwork requires a careful planning process. Art programs allow you to combine your artistic efforts with various software tools and features in order to create a truly unique piece.

Corel Painter – $200+

Core Painter is one of the best known art software tools available. This program packs all the great things about an artist’s studio into one neat program. Corel Painter comes with drawing, painting, graphics, brush, and many additional tools. You can also use Corel’s famous pattern tools and cloning tools to create something unusual. Even though Corel Painter is more expensive than a lot of other programs, this software package won’t become outdated anytime soon.

Corel Painter Essentials -- $60+

If you don’t want to spend more than two-hundred dollars on Corel Painter, Corel Painter Essentials is an ideal alternative. Essentials main purpose is to help convert photographs into interesting works of art. Corel Painter Essentials is an ideal beginner’s tool, though some professional artists may also find this program useful. You won’t find everything that Corel Painter offers with Corel Painter Essentials, but you’ll still have plenty of tools at your disposal. In addition, you can upgrade to Corel Painter after using Corel Painter Essentials for a certain amount of time, which may be a cheaper way to purchase Corel Painter.
ArtRage – $50 (Free Version Available)
ArtRage was developed for casual use. This program makes creating digital imagery fun, which is the main reason why it’s so popular. Kids can use ArtRage to make fun images, and adults can use ArtRage to play with photographs. While not a tool for serious artists, ArtRage does give you some idea how digital imagery works. ArtRage also has a user-friendly interface, which is something that is somewhat uncommon within the world of art software. This program also works with nearly every platform including Apple, Windows, and iPad.

Alien Skin Snap Art – $15+

The name of this program is ideal, since Alien Skin Snap Art makes regular photographs unique. Play with ten different filters that allow you to change a regular photo into a comic, oil painting, ink sketch, or other work of art. Alien Skin Snap Art also includes many different features that can be controlled manually. If you have some photos that you want to spruce up, Alien Skin Snap Art is one of the best photo enhancing programs available today (works with Mac and Windows).