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  • Panasonic’s New Mobile Power Supplies
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Smartphones are great, but if you’re like me you probably charge your phone at least two times per day. Needless to say, having a phone that constantly runs out of battery power is a pain. Further, finding a place to plug in that phone charger can be even more of a challenge. If you travel a lot or just want a better way to charge your phone, Panasonic might have the answer. The Verge announced this morning that Panasonic is coming out with some new mobile phone supplies that will likely change the way you power up.

The New Power Supplies

In total, Panasonic should be releasing eight new battery power devices within the next few weeks. Some of these power supplies are larger (and, hence, more expensive) than others while some are smaller and less expensive. The larger device (10,260 mAh) also comes with two USB ports, so you can carry around this device and charge up to two other devices at the same time – handy, to say the least.

Why would you want a large battery that can charge the standard smartphone up to four times (according to Panasonic) on a single charge? The answer is quite simple really, instead of looking for someone to plug in your phone charger, you can just carry around a battery that will charge your phone for you. Of course, you’ll have to consider the extra weight of carrying a battery of any size, but this solution to the smartphone battery problem might be very useful for some people.

A Universal Smartphone Charger?

There’s no word yet as to whether or not the new Panasonic chargers will charge all smartphones universally, but this would be an excellent concept, wouldn’t it? No more rushing to the Apple Store to buy a new charger or carrying around different chargers for different devices. If you could plug two different smartphones into one universal USB mobile battery pack, all of your problems would really be solved, right?

These new devices that Panasonic will be rolling out very soon are likely to become very popular very quickly. Panasonic hasn’t released pricing details, but you can expect each of the eight devices to be price according to capacity. The larger device that can power two different smartphones through two USB ports are likely to cost more than a smaller device that simply powers one phone or performs some other task. Panasonic will also, no doubt, price these devices competitively, since many consumers are probably looking for smartphone charging options like these.

The Verge tells us that Panasonic will be releasing the new battery devices in Japan on May 28th. Seemingly, Panasonic will also release the new devices in North American sometime following the Japanese launch, but the company might wait to see how Japan receives the produce prior to sending them to U.S. or Canadian markets. IT’s great to see new and innovative things from Panasonic that pertain to the smartphone world, but don’t directly compete or copy existing smartphone products. Panasonic has discovered a need that the smartphone community has, and consumers are bound to pounce on these solutions to a very common low battery life problem.