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  • The Panasonic Toughbook C2
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Panasonic is great at creating rugged laptops. The latest in the Panasonic Toughbook lineup is the C2. This Toughbook is just as sturdy as the past few, but the C2 was designed for use with Windows 8. On the outside, the C2 looks like most other Toughbooks, but it’s really what’s inside this laptop that counts. In the market for a laptop that won’t crack when you drop it or fizzle out when you spill something on it? Panasonic might have what you’re looking for.

How Tough is Panasonic’s Toughbook C2?

Can you run a truck over it? Drop it from a helicopter? Toss it into a lake? The C2 is tough, but it’s not indestructible, so don’t do any of the above. What you can do is drop up to six ounces of liquid on it, and you can also drop the C2 from 30-inches (that’s about 2.5 feet). The Toughbook wasn’t built for military use, but it was made for anyone working in a tough atmosphere. If you happen to work in a hospital setting or just need a laptop that can take some pressure, the Toughbook is a great buy based on ruggedness alone. But, what about what’s inside of the C2?

Inside the Toughbook C2

Panasonic has included 3 USB 3.0 ports, a battery that can last up to 11-hours, and an Intel Corei5 CPU. There are a few connectivity options that Panasonic has added as well. You can select from WiFi, Bluetooth, or LTE. Panasonic has told press that the C2 will begin shipping in December. If you want to get your hands on this Toughbook, it might be worth waiting to see if Panasonic offers a pre-sale option. Chances are, Panasonic will offer some kind of pre-sale during the holiday season. As you might have guessed, a rugged laptop like this one isn’t on the cheap side. How much will the C2 set you back? Around $3,000. Is this a really high price for a laptop? That all depends on how you look at it.

Too Expensive or Just Right?

Panasonic has priced the C2 for those who really need a rugged laptop. The company has law enforcement, medical, and other professionals in mind market-wise. More likely than not, the average consumer won’t purchase a Toughbook, because a laptop of this magnitude is not needed. Then again, if you have a habit of breaking laptop screens or dropping liquid onto your keyboard, you may just want to consider a Toughbook. Tally up the price of replacing numerous laptops and you’ll arrive at something around that $3k mark.

At the moment, additional details about the C2 haven’t been released. But, you can view what Panasonic has released about this new Toughbook on the company’s website. As far as quality and warranty go, Panasonic is usually great about honoring its devices. The Toughbook C2 comes with a three-year warranty too, and that’s just about as good as you’ll get as far as laptop warranties go. Sure, the Toughbook is priced in comparison with the MacBook Pro (a bit more, even), but this is one rugged laptop that won’t break when you need it the most.