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  • Panasonic Viera 54" VT25 Plasma 3D TV
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The Panasonic Viera 54” VT25 is arguably one of the best 3D HD TVs on the market today. The VT25 series boasts the best contrast ratios for any TV out there. With an unbelievable stock sound system, a THX certified picture, and many ports and goodies you will have a movie theater right in your own home.

The Panasonic Viera TC-P54VT25 is a 54” (measured diagonally from top of screen to bottom of screen) 3D Plasma HDTV. Being in the upper echelons of size, the TC-P54VT25 only measures in at an impressive 3.6” in depth or thickness. The rectangular dimensions of the TC-P54VT25 measure at 32.9” in height and 52” in width. While a TV of this size is generally mounted on a wall (mounts not included, which is commonplace), the TC-P54VT25 does come with a stand. With the stand attached the TV does become 11.7” thicker in depth, and thus needs almost a foot more to place it. Using the stand also adds 6.7lbs to the 67.2lbs of the TV alone. In perspective this TV, especially for its size, isn’t that heavy when compared to TVs of old.

The picture quality of the TC-P54VT25 is really something to talk about. The TC-P54VT25 is a Plasma 1080p 3D Active Plasma TV. First lets talk about the 1080p part. The 1080 number means how many horizontal lines there are to make up the picture you are seeing. The P part means progressive scan. As with many TVs still out there you might see the 1080i and sometimes a smaller number. The i means interlaced. In short, the interlaced scans each line by odd and even numbers, while the progressive scan will scan the entire picture as a whole. Interlacing is still a great technology and can be used for cable and satellite programs. Where you are going to see a difference between interlacing and progressive scan is in DVDs and Blu-ray content. Panasonic has introduced their new Infinite Black Pro. This technology helps the contrast by making the black colors super black with little ghost effect. In older HDTV sets when content was being played in a dark setting you could see ghost images or white blotches where there wasn’t supposed to be. With this new technology Panasonic has brought a whole new meaning to pitch black. The TC-P54VT25 is THX certified and also has a THX setting to bring a crisp picture. In order for an HDTV to be THX Cinema certified it has to go through a rigorous testing process to ensure that it meets THX picture quality. The TC-P54VT25 also has 24p cinematic playback which helps display smooth theater quality motion. With a powerful 600Hz refresh rate to help with video display and 3D playback, this TV is probably the best theatre to home experience you can have.

The Panasonic Viera TC-P54VT25 comes with 30 watt left and right speakers with a woofer. The woofer is bass booster that is generally not included on TVs mostly because of size and power constraints. The objective of adding a woofer may be found in the BBE ViVA HD3D Sound. Panasonic has added this technology to provide superior sound quality to their 3D TV. The BBE ViVA HD3D sound system helps provide 3D images come at you with accurate 3D sound. The BBE part is a technology that has been used on many Panasonic TVs to provide a deep boost to the base. ViVA helps the sound not lose direction when being produced and delivers Hi-Fi sound. Panasonic has really delivered on this TV when it comes to stock sound quality.

The Panasonic Viera TC-P54VT25 provides viewers with an experience in picture and sound that is unparalleled to many of its competitors. With an average price range of around $2000 the Panasonic Viera TC-P54VT25 offers a lot of punch for its pack.