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  • A Glimpse Into Pandora’s Future: Live Videos
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Pandora Presents is a new video-streaming web-based service from the Pandora that you’ve grown to love. If you happen to subscribe to Pandora right now, you can check out this service online. With Pandora Presents, everything that you love about live concerts and videos comes to life right in front of you (well, on your screen, at least). In addition, Pandora will provide users with a glimpse at backstage life and some other cool concert happenings.

This new Pandora venture has a lot of people talking, and those who haven’t signed up for the radio service previously may now be considering a membership. If you love videos and concerts, Pandora Presents might be for you. However, there are some other companies out there offering similar services too that you may want to consider if you don’t use Pandora already. But first, let’s talk about why Pandora would venture into video to begin with.

The Competition Heats Up

Pandora is not alone in the streaming music world – far from it. There are so many different companies out there vying for your ears and dollars that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Then again, if you live outside of the U.S., the number of companies that are available to you quickly begins to dwindle. Regardless, those who live in the U.S. have a number of streaming options. One of the biggest threats to Pandora is the newly arrived Spotify.
Spotify is already lighting up the membership boards with a record number of memberships across the U.S. and other parts of the world.

Many love Spotify for its simplicity and pricing, which puts this streaming option ahead of Pandora. Then again, Pandora has its fans too, and those who already use Pandora will love the video web option. If you are trying to decide on a streaming service, my advice to you is to compare prices and consider whether or not watching live video streams really matters all that much. With companies like Spotify hot on Pandora’s heels, offering subscribers more than just radio makes a whole lot of sense.

Will You Tune In?

Now that you know about Pandora Presents, the question is: will you hit the web to see some of those top videos? If you can’t live without videos to accompany your music, this is just the service for you. If you don’t care about videos, you may not be enticed by Pandora’s latest offering. So, what say you? Pandora really wants to know whether or not you will sign up, I’m sure.

Pandora Presents is set to launch with the debut vide from a group called Dawes. From that point, Pandora will sent out invites to people who subscribe to the service and fit a certain demographic. For example, if you get free concert tickets a lot, Pandora may contact you. Pandora has also told press that the company will present specific videos to specific subscribers, so you won’t have access to a country video if you don’t dig that down-home sound. This form of marketing is an interesting one, and Pandora Presents should prove fun to watch for video lovers.