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  • Paper: Why This iPad App Has Gained 1.5 Million Downloads
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There’s something happening over in the iPad sphere. A new app called Paper is taking the iPad world by storm. Paper has gained 1.5 million downloads in just two weeks and that means that this app is headed straight for Instagram territory. In fact, a lot of people are comparing Paper to Instagram, though one app is centered around photography while the other app is all about drawing.

Paper wants you to draw, but that’s not all. In addition to drawing anything you want, Paper makes your drawings look good – really good. This app provides users with simple colors and drawing tools that turn any mediocre drawing into a work of art (alright, maybe you won’t be creating any Picasso lookalikes, but those stick figures will take on a whole new look if you use this app!). So why are so many people glued to Paper? The world, it seems, just wants to draw.

The Appeal of Creativity

I’ve been noticing a trend in the app world lately. Those apps that allow people to create are increasingly popular. Social networking still has its pull, but it’s hard to compare chatting with someone or posting a status with doing something that’s creative. Being creative means actually accomplishing something. Whether it’s a drawing or a simple photograph, creativity largely went out the window until Instagram arrived on the scene. Now that Paper is here, it’s clear what people want: more ways to draw, paint, create.

The great thing about creative apps too is that you don’t actually have to have a lot of talent in order to snap a great photo or showcase a really cool drawing. All you really need is a great app like Paper or Instagram. If you can draw a straight line and you have an imagination, Paper will make small “corrections” that fixes all of those drawing mistakes.

If you take a bad photo, you can simply apply an Instagram filter and that average snapshot turns into something fantastic. It shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise that creativity is reigning within the app world though. Programs like Adobe Photoshop have always been popular and site like YouTube quickly gained in popularity as soon as people discovered that they could broadcast videos to the world. The developers behind Paper have found a new niche that people are obviously responding to.

How to Get Paper

You have to have an iPad to use the Paper app. If you have an iPad, you can download Paper for free. That’s right, much like Instagram, Paper is free – though the developers behind Paper are actually generating revenue since some of the tools that can be used with Paper must be purchased (not necessary though, there are still plenty of tools to use for free). Each day, Paper is growing by leaps and bounds, which means that there’s still a lively market for apps that allow people to create. If you have an iPad, make sure to check out this wildly popular app. If not, go out and buy one – or just wait until Paper makes it to other devices!