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Switching between operating systems isn’t as simple as it should be. Often, to switch from one OS to the next, a reboot is required and time is, essentially, wasted. Parallels Desktop for Mac takes away the need to reboot and makes switching from one OS to the next flawless and painless, so Mac users can switch between Mac, Windows, and even Linux without any trouble. Parallels Desktop also recognizes different files and even 3D games, which makes this product even more irreplaceable.

Parallels Desktop Features

Trying to open a Windows file using a Mac can often result in catastrophe, but Parallels Desktop takes away any of the pain associated with switching between files. When opening a file from a competing OS, Parallels Desktop recognizes the files type and opens it without any real effort on the part of a user. Parallels also comes with a handy “Snapshot” feature that will help users target any future OS problems that may arise. Using the Snapshot feature, users can take a virtual snapshot of an OS during its prime. This way, when something happens to an operating system, users can refer to the original snapshot and trouble shoot from that point onwards – Snapshot is really a handy feature that’s simple to use and also very useful.

If you happen to be a gamer, there’s no doubt that Parallels 3D gaming feature will also be hard to pass up. This gaming feature allows Mac users to open up any Windows game without switching between systems or rebooting or going through any additional process. Much in the same way that Parallels recognizes differing files, the 3D feature recognizes games that have been created for different systems and then switches between the systems to allow for all types of game play.

User-Friendliness and Pricing

It’s hard to imagine a program that’s easier to use than Parallels. Although this program was developed for those who are familiar with using different operating systems, anyone seeking to switch from Mac to Windows to Linux will find Parallels easy enough to use. The program’s interface is well planned and includes a handy help section that will get you through any rough spots. Using this program a few times will prove helpful and becoming familiar enough with the program to navigate it seamlessly is easy to do.

For some, the price of the Parallels Desktop program might seem on the high side ($79.99), and it’s certainly a program that will need some consideration based on price alone. Even though there are cheaper programs on the market, Parallels Desktop proves to be one of the best in its class, and it’s hard to find a program of this sort that’s packed with as many features as this one. If you’ve been looking for a way to switch from Mac to Linux to Windows without rebooting (and you want a program that can recognize files and 3D games from all three operating systems), Parallels Desktop is easily one of the best on the market.