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  • Path Finder: Mac OS X
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Macs are built to make life simpler, and these machines really do the job well. The regular “Finder” feature on a Mac is efficient and useful, but sometimes using a more involved finder is a good plan. This is especially true when it comes to finding some files and folders that may be well hidden. Path Finder is a system utilities tool for Mac that makes finding anything a lot easier.

This program makes it possible to preview files, compare files, and even drag and drop files into different folders. In short, Path Finder provides all-around ease when it comes to tracking down your Mac files. If you’ve been searching for a file finding tool for OS X, here are some good reasons why Path Finder is worth a very close look.

Path Finder Interface

Files can be organized in a number of different ways using Path Finder. These ways include column, list, and icon views (much like the existing Mac Finder). Unlike Mac’s Finder, Path Finder also makes it possible to drag and drop files into different places on your Mac with a few clicks. The ability to drag and drop is a huge bonus, since this makes organizing files much easier. Another excellent Path Finder feature is the dual-window option.

Selecting the dual-window option allows you to compare two different file folders at once by splitting the screen in two equal halves. This makes it much easier to sort through folders and to see what files are inside of which folder – a great idea. You can also drag a folder from one file to the next. Path Finder also includes a file preview options that’s quite innovative and helpful. To preview any file, users simply have to tap the space bar, which will pull up a quick file overview. This saves a lot of time if you just want to know what’s inside of a particular file.


Path Finder is very easy to use and this utility tool proves a great way to sort and sift through files on your Mac without using Mac’s built in file finder. In addition, Path Finder provides many additional features and options that the built-in Finder doesn’t offer. This program is also incredibly customizable and easy to use, which makes it really an ideal alternative to Mac Finder for any user. Path Finder also comes with lots of support tools, just in case you get stuck using the program (which isn’t very likely to happen!).

Mac’s built-in Finder will work for many people, but Path Finder is an excellent addition to the Finder tool. Unlike many other programs developed for Mac, Path Finder is also a great buy that won’t break the bank. At the time of this writing, you can purchase Path Finder for Mac for $39.95. Path Finder does come with a free trial as well, and the free trial does provide enough of a sample to get a real feel for the overall product. Path Finder doesn’t come with any real drawbacks either, which is always a bonus.