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Ah, the netbook. For a long while, these 10 to 11-inch laptop cousins were the biggest thing to hit computing since the first Mac was released. After only a short while though, people began to realize that though netbooks are cheaper (significantly, in most cases), these computers didn’t have the ability to replace desktops or larger laptops full-time. In order to keep up with changing demands, various netbook manufacturers began to create netbooks that were still small, but also came with more computing power.

One of the first newly developed netbooks to hit the market was the HP Pavilion DMLZ. This computer has all the looks of a netbook, a slightly higher price tag, and comes with some things that most prior netbooks don’t. If you’re in the market for a netbook that can actually replace a desktop or laptop system, then it’s time to turn your attention towards the HP Pavilion DMLZ.

The Specs

The HP Pavilion DMLZ comes with a slick enough case to please most consumers. While it’s true that HP didn’t put a lot of effort into the design of this netbook, you do get what you pay for design-wise. Looks aside, the DMLZ comes packed with an AMD graphics card, which is an important move for HP.
Most netbooks have a tough time when it comes to games or videos.

While the HP Pavilion DMLZ in no way compares to Razer’s new Blade (the ultimate gaming laptop), you can play a few basic games on this netbook without causing a system crash. You’ll also find that viewing most videos is a cinch, and you won’t experience much system slowdown if you decent to stream something via YouTube.

This netbook also comes with 3G of memory and a 360GB hard drive. I’d love to tell you that this HP netbook also comes with a super long battery life, but that just isn’t going to happen (granted, the battery that HP equipped this netbook with does last longer than most laptop batteries, but that’s not saying a whole lot).

The Downside

The biggest complaint that I have with this netbook can’t really be considered a big complaint at all. For around $400, you will get a netbook that is superior to most other offerings on the market. But, you’ll also be reminded of just how much you paid for this netbook every time you use it. The plastic casing that HP wrapped around the DMLZ isn’t anything to write home about, and the buttons on this netbook can seem a bit flimsy, but, hey, you can’t beat the price.

Other downsides include the fact that this notebook is somewhat chunky (“svelte” isn’t a word that I’d use to describe this latest HP addition). If you can get past aesthetics though, the DMLZ is, in fact, a good netbook for the price.

This netbook blows other out of the water, it can compare to some low-end laptops, and it is a decent replacement for a desktop if you aren’t using your system around the clock. If you’re looking for a gaming laptop, this isn’t it. But, it just might be the netbook that you’ll want to bring to school or write small reports on.