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  • PayPal for iPhone
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PayPal has grown by leaps and bounds since its introduction in 1999. Some who use PayPal on a regular basis might say that this service has grown in the wrong direction. Others are happy with PayPal’s improvements. Fees and transaction problems aside, PayPal entered into the iPhone app market some time ago. Yet, the original PayPal app was disappointing.

When it first arrived on the app scene, the PayPal app didn’t offer users much. The app was clunky, slow, and frustrating to use. Today, the new and improved PayPal app provides a world of user-friendliness. Not only can you request money and deposit funds with the PayPal app, you can also transfer funds quickly and efficiently from one iPhone user to the next.

Bump for Fast Transfers

Say, for example, you want to send $500 to a friend or family member. If the person you want to send funds to has an iPhone, you can simply tap the PayPal “bump” feature. When you tap this feature, the two iPhones will synch automatically. This will allow a direct transfer from one iPhone to the next. Before you know it, your PayPal funds will be sent to your PayPal account. From there, you can transfer funds to your bank account directly.

Bump was originally introduced to the iPhone market as a standalone application. Today, Bump is part of many different applications that aim to synch your phone with another user’s phone. In some instances, bumping phones doesn’t make a lot of sense. When it comes to PayPal, bumping phones is a great way to send money without a lot of hassle.

New Design
The new PayPal app also features a clever new design. Unlike the older app, the new PayPal app is easy to use. Everything that you have come to understand about PayPal is now available through the PayPal app, only PayPal has made the app even easier to use than the actual PayPal website.

Transferring money, sending invoices, and withdrawing funds is as simple as touching and moving things around. In true iPhone fashion, there’s nothing complex about the PayPal app for iPhone. Within a matter of minutes, you will be able to accomplish any PayPal task that you want to with the PayPal app. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to pay applicable PayPal fees every time you withdraw money. Fortunately, you won’t have to pay extra fees for using your iPhone with the PayPal app.

Worth the Download

The PayPal app is free. Aside from this fact, the PayPal app is worth downloading if you use PayPal frequently. Even if you don’t, PayPal is an excellent way to send money quickly from one person to the next. This is especially true if that person is an iPhone user (thanks to the Bump feature mentioned above).

You will find the PayPal app in the iPhone app store. This app doesn’t take up a lot of space, and you can log in and out of the app quickly. At the time of this writing, the PayPal app was also available through Android.