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  • PayPal Expands to Ten More Countries
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PayPal Expands to Other Countries – Finally

Working with people from all across the globe is a great idea. Not only do you get to meet new people, but you can also tap into some serious talent from other parts of the world. The only problem is that paying those people can sometimes be really tough.

Prior to today, PayPal was not accepted much outside of North America. PayPal has finally expanded its reach to include ten additional countries including Nigeria, where electronic bank payments often come under attack from hackers.

Reaching the Globe

It was once speculated that PayPal was scared of offering services in certain parts of the world like Nigeria. Forbes Magazine even poked fun at the company with an article titled ‘Is PayPal Scared of Nigeria?’ Has PayPal changed its mind? Is the company now okay with some problems that may arise from offering its services in various parts of the world?

The only real statement from PayPal was that the company is entering a new time, etc. But, what that really means is that other payment companies are not scared of entering new markets, and not taking part in that expansion means that PayPal will be missing out.

PayPal’s services are now offered in Eastern Europe, certain parts of sub-Saharan Africa, and various parts of Latin America. So, if you’ve ever shied away from working with talented people in any of those parts of the world, you can now send payments quickly. But, there are still a few restrictions.

Some Limitations

PayPal is only opening up the “send money” option to people wishing to use the service in these parts of the world. For now, you can only send money to purchase goods or services. It’s not possible to send money to friends or family members in those other countries yet.

Other services are not available in the aforementioned parts of the world quite yet. There’s no word whether or not PayPal will open up all of its services worldwide, but I’m expecting the company to move in that direction. Sending money for a good or service is the company’s way of testing the water, so to speak. If this works out, PayPal will make other services possible.

The bottom-line here is that if you live in any part of the world mentioned above, and you want a PayPal account, you can now set one up. The other bottom-line is that PayPal has to make its services available to other parts of the globe if the company wants to keep up with other payment services. Last year, PayPal opened up its services to Serbia, Georgia, and Egypt.

This year, a lot more of the globe is following. Thus far, the company operates in 190 different markets, and PayPal is still the leader where electronic transactions are concerned. Fees (per usual) will still apply when transactions are completed. But, it may be a lot easier to work with people in various parts of the world now that PayPal is a possibility.