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  • Amazon Offers Long Weekend Game Deals
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Another long weekend is upon us. What are you going to do this weekend? Nap, read, sit in the sun, enjoy those last lingering days of summer, or play video games? If video games are, indeed, part of your weekend plan, you’ll love what Amazon has lined up for you this long weekend. Amazon is now offering some deep discounts on some pretty good games this weekend only. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Here are the much-anticipated details.

Offered Games

Saints Row 2, Crysis 2, Mass Effect III, The Darkness II, and tons of other PC games are now available (yep, right now!) on Amazon.com for as little as $9.99 per download. How can Amazon do this? Well, Amazon is a massive content powerhouse that has lots and lots of video games at its disposal.

When Amazon offers you deep discounts like this one, it makes the company look good – and, hey, it allows you to spend some time playing video games on the cheap too. Amazon will be offering these game deals until September 14th, so stock up now if you have nothing to do while you sit in your dorm room or just want the world to go away for a weekend.

Other Long Weekend Gaming Deals

You didn’t think that Amazon was the only company looking to cash in on the long weekend, did you? Lots of college students are going back to school (or moving onto campus) this weekend. This means some lonely nights for those who don’t already have a group of friends to chill with. If this sounds like you, you might be interested to know that Gamefly, Gamestop, Good Old Games, and Greenman Gaming are all offering lots of PC gaming titles at low prices.

You can check out most of these deals by heading to the prospective websites and checking out what these companies have to offer. You can expect to find hundreds of gaming titles available for much less than you might normally pay. There are so many great games that have been discounted, it’s really tough to list them all here. Just know that most of the games you like to play are probably discounted this weekend.

Where to Find More Deals

Gaming aside, large retailers are also offering lots of great tech deals this weekend. If you’re in the market for a laptop or desktop, check out what Windows, Best Buy, and Dell have to offer. Heck, even Apple is getting in on the long weekend deals by offering a handy buyback program for those people who have an iPhone 4S. There are lots of deals to be had in the tech world this weekend. Also, keep in mind that websites are always open even if actual brick and mortar stores are closed this weekend.

If you have nothing to do, have lots to do that you don’t feel like doing, or just want to play some games and unwind, do make sure to check out what Amazon, Gamestop, and other gaming retailers are offering discount wise.