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  • Peach - Another Social App Getting Attention
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I’m betting that the last thing you want in your life right now is another social network, right?

Yet, there are more and more of those bothersome apps popping up, and each one claims to be the next Facebook (which, let’s be honest, is kind of tired). Peach is the latest social app to take the tech world by storm, but is it really as sweet as it seems?

Another Social App

If you are familiar with Slack (and you might be if you have anything to do with a tech startup these days), you will feel immediately comfortable with Peach. Just like Slack, you can update your status in real time, use special commands to find stuff, and watch other people type in real time too. Slack isn’t the only network that Peach draws from, though. Peach is also kind of like Twitter and kind of like Facebook rolled into one.

Just like Facebook, your fellow Peach users are friends (not followers like Instagram), and you have a kind of wall space where people can see your updates and like what you have posted. There’s no direct messaging on Peach, though, so you can’t send messages. Everything that you post is out in the open, but people have to be your friend through the app to see what you post.

One Unique Thing

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram, Peach doesn’t have any kind of desktop option. If you use Peach, you only have the app. That’s it. You can’t use the app from your desktop because it just doesn’t exist (so no URL or anything of the kind). Peach is also only available through iOS at the moment, so you can’t use it if you have Android or any other platform.

If you don’t know what to post on Peach, the app can help you there too. You will be prompted to answer questions that can then turn into status updates. If none of this sounds particularly mind altering, I’m with you there.

Yet, this app is starting to make waves. It is difficult to figure out why the tech world has picked up Peach while all the other social apps sit idle (there are actually a whole lot of them that have popped up over the past year and are doing nothing at all).

The Users

It’s tough to be an app developer. You never know what people are going to like or dislike. In this case, the team behind Peach probably didn’t know that the app would take off. Even though the app was founded by Vine’s co-founder, there’s still no telling what the public will and won’t like. For some reason (and perhaps it is because the app was created by Vine’s co-founder), Peach has taken off.

People are flocking to Peach quickly and signing up for the app. Do we need more apps in our world? Not really. Do we need more social networks? Nope. But, alas, here’s another one that you’ll soon be hearing more about. If you’re dying for a new way to get social, try out Peach.