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  • PEAR Mobile: The Best Workout Gadget Yet
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There's no shortage of personal fitness trackers and gadgets on the market. If you are into sports in any way, you can find a gadget that fits your passion without too much trouble. But, there's always room for more excellent gadgets.

A new device from PEAR Sports called 'PEAR Mobile' aims to replace your personal trainer. This device providers users with customized real-time personal training coaching. The device takes into account user fitness levels, activities, and other details in order to create workout programs that are customized, personalized, and helpful for all. Here's a closer look.

The PEAR Mobile Fitness Difference

The best (or only) way to really get in shape and lose weight is to track your heart rate. By making sure that heart rate is in the right range during a workout, you can effectively lose weight and get into shape. But, you have to wear a heart monitor of some kind. PEAR Mobile provides users with a heart monitoring device and GPS tracker , and also creates workouts based on that information.

The PEAR Mobile device consists of a set of earphones, a heart rate monitor that can be wrapped around a user's waist, and a PEAR app that can track movement and keep track of hear rate. PEAR Mobile speaks directly into a user's ear, letting users hear personal training programs and advice. If you're not moving fast enough or too fast, PEAR will let you know.

The Advantage

This is the first exercise device on the market to combine heart rate monitoring with personal training. The PEAR Mobile device is on the pricier side at $99, but that price includes a heart rate monitor, app, and headphones - plus that personalized personal training information that's kind of unbeatable.

PEAR Sports has also recently announced that the device will soon be sharing training plans through an API, and that would allow users to download a number of training programs onto PEAR's platform. Currently, the PEAR Mobile platform comes with 35 different programs and 10 unique training plans.

Compatibility and Availability

Right now, the PEAR Mobile device is only compatible with the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. This means that users can synch iTunes playlists with the device for a more customized workout. As mentioned, the price for this device is $99, and that does include the heart rate monitor, specialized earphones, and app.

You can order the PEAR Mobile device directly from the PEAR Sports website right now, and you'll even get some great shipping deals if you order now. The PEAR Mobile device is mainly for running workouts, though, so keep this in mind if you aren't into running as much as you are into another sport. Still, it's worth taking a look at the PEAR Sports website to see what the company offers in the way of gadgets.

This device aims to beat all of the other sports and fitness devices on the current market, and, so far, PEAR Mobile looks impressive enough. If you're into running, it's definitely worth taking a closer look at PEAR Mobile.