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  • PeeqPeeq: The Inbox Taming App
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Do you remember the last email account you opened up? Remember the promise you made to yourself? You said, “I'm going to keep my inbox spotless. No more messy list of promotions and offers mixed in with important documents from the boss.”

Fast forward a year down the road, and your promise is broken. Hundreds of undeleted emails, some promotions long since ended, all staring you in the face on a daily basis.

What if you could take your inbox, full of offers from companies you trust and shop at time and time again, and create your own customized online store? Lee Ott, founder of startup Rokket Launch, had this vision and is hoping that it revolutionizes the way you look at your own inbox.

What Is Rokket Launch?

This company envisions an entire product line of apps that use your email to do different things. Their first such app, PeeqPeeq, searches through all emails contained in your inbox and creates a store viewable on your iOS device or directly on the Web. These messages are then removed from your inbox and placed into a separate folder, cleaning things up automatically.

Ott views it as the most up-to-date catalog for you to browse, full of the stuff you love. He got the idea for the app when a study from ExactTarget showed a staggering 96 percent of users were signed up to receive emails from at least one company.

What Does PeeqPeeq Do?

The app brings you pertinent information about each brand represented in your own online catalog, such as when a sale is coming to an end. Not only that, it heads to the website of the company having the sale and seeks out the qualifying offers, bringing you the items on sale without you having to head from web page to web page in search of the deals.

What if you want to add a brand? No problem. PeeqPeeq allows you to choose from a list of 6,000 stores that the app is going through on a daily basis. Find what you like in the list, and subscribe. It's that simple!

Is This A Good Idea?

Surely those who shop online on a regular basis will love this app. Knowing that you don't need to sift through promotional emails to find the deals is exciting, and you only see the deals that are active at that time.

How many times have you dug through your emails only to see a promotion that has expired, essentially teasing you by showing you what you've missed out on. Only seeing relevant offers without having to click through endless emails or web pages is pretty neat.

However, some are a bit leery of the app searching their entire inbox. Those nervous about privacy concerns will likely balk at something that performs in this fashion. How does one know the app isn't keeping a record of all emails in their inbox?

Ott thinks that this service offers both brands and customers an amazing service, personalized to the user. Would you give it a try?