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Websites are expensive to create. It used to be that in order to set up a website, you had to find a host for your site, and spend a lot of money designing a clean site. This is still true if you want a specific domain name, but it’s not the case if you’re just looking for a basic webpage. If you need to express yourself, get your opinions out there, or you simply want a great way to network with businesses around you, starting a Pen.io website is your best option.

Pen.io offers anyone a way to create a “beautiful website” in seconds. All you have to do is head to the Pen.io website, plug in some details, and you’ll have a site to call your own instantly. Everything about this website is simple, but what’s really great about Pen.io is that you can use your new webpage in conjunction with Twitter and Facebook. When put together, social networking and Pen.io add up to additional business.

Combining Pen.io with Social Networks

Pen.io allows people to put up a simple website in seconds. Think about that. You don’t need to go through the whole blog process or find a way to start a website just to display some information. If, for example, you want to post your resume online, but you don’t want to create a whole website, all you have to do is create a Pen.io account.

Once an account has been created, you’ll be left with a blank screen. Then, all you have to do is copy and paste your resume onto that screen. Once created, send out your Pen.io link to the Twitter world or post it on Facebook. After testing, the whole process takes about five minutes to complete – no other blog-type website will respect your time this much. Anything that you want to communicate quickly can be added to your Pen.io account. It’s just that simple.

Looking to the Future

Pen.io execs have recently told press that they intend to offer premium accounts. These accounts would include additional video support (you can currently post a video to Pen.io too), domain name changes, and other benefits. Premium accounts would, of course, come with a price. For some, this price will be worth it.

For the time being, Pen.io is free of charge for all who want to give the site a whirl. In a world where WordPress blogs used to be important, Pen.io and other sites like it are starting to change the place that complex blogging platforms have in the world. Today, blogging or adding any piece of information to a webpage, doesn’t have to mean hiring a designer or spending lots of time creating a pretty blog. All you have to do now is set up a Pen.io account.

Ready to Roll?

If you like the sound of Pen.io, you can set up an account now. Just visit www.pen.io to create your account, and you’ll quickly see how simple this site can be. You can even create numerous pages to add to your Pen.io account – just pay attention to the directions listed on the start screen. If you need to say something, post a resume, create a short video, or do anything else without the hassle of creating a site from scratch, Pen.io is the place to look.