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  • Pepsi Uses Facebook For a Funny Campaign
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Ever since the new Facebook timeline rolled out, companies have been having lots of fun with this new look. That large space at the top of a timeline is a perfect advertising spot and connecting with fans is easier than every thanks to the timeline’s setup. Big brands like Pepsi have been working on ways to integrate social media sites like Facebook with new products, and the soda giant has come up with a funny new way to entice fans.

Pepsi has hired a team of improve comics to impersonate some select Facebook fans. The comics will look at certain Facebook profiles and then drink one of Pepsi’s newest drinks, Pepsi Next, in a way that a chosen fan might sample the new beverage. The sample videos that Pepsi has put up on their fan website are quite funny and fans everywhere are bound to sign up to be a part of this new campaign.

Making Fun of Fans: A Great Idea

What do self-loving Facebook users love more than posting millions of photos of them? Why, a bigger spotlight, of course! Pepsi knows that those Facebook users who sign up to be a part of the new campaign will love to see a comedian impersonating them on national television – fifteen minutes of fame, anyone? By mocking certain Facebook fans, Pepsi has found a way to make some fans laugh while providing others with plenty of attention time.

Pepsi and the improv comics hired will shoot the videos and then send each video back to the original Facebook fan. From there, the fan will likely share the video on Facebook and through other social networks creating a huge buzz. Pepsi has hired twelve improv comics to work on the short videos, and the campaign is sure to be a huge success. If you want your fifteen minutes, you’ll have to let Pepsi know by heading to the Pepsi site or the Pepsi Facebook fan page. Just remember that the people who will be impersonating you are comics, so be prepared for a bit of ridicule! Pepsi won’t be able to make videos of everyone, so hurry up and get your name in ahead of the rest.

Using Social Media The Smart Way

A lot of companies attempt to use social media sites like Facebook -- a lot of companies fail. Some, however, manage to succeed by dreaming up fun campaigns like the upcoming Pepsi campaign. Pepsi’s new campaign is a great idea and it really shows how other companies can use social media to their advantage. Pepsi has thousands of Facebook fans and the company is bound to gain a lot more fans thanks to this new campaign.

While social media platforms can be used in a bad way, there are plenty of good ways to use sites like Facebook too. If you currently own a business of any kind, take a tip from the big boys and use your social media accounts to entice new clients. Make social media fun and people are bound to follow your account!