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  • Fire Your Accountant: Buying Personal Finance Software
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Accountants are expensive. Yet, having your personal finances in order is priceless. Even if you weren’t given the accounting gene, you can still manage your finances without hiring outside help. There are lots of great personal finance programs available that will help you put all of your finances in order quickly. Personal finance software can be purchased for less than $100.

Figure Out Your Requirements

Knowing what you want in life is helpful. This skill is particularly helpful when it comes to selecting software. Some finance programs include many features and details. Other programs simply provide basic personal finance help. If you aren’t balancing books for a business or trying to create complicated spreadsheets, you will find that a basic program works wonders.

Online banking, checkbook balancing, and basic investment tracking are some of the tools you should look for. If you run a small business, seek out software that can print invoices, keep track of accounts, and help you create business budgets. This is the first step towards selecting the right kind of personal finance software.

Ease of Use

Sometimes purchasing software that has a high learning curve is worth the effort. Other times, it pays to purchase something that you can use right away. When it comes to your finances, look for a program that is user-friendly. If you have to spend hours staring at an instruction manual in order to use a program, this is probably not the best option.

On the other hand, if you find a program with features that you can’t live without, you might want to try for that learning curve. Generally, most personal finance programs were developed for everyday use. If you aren’t sure how user-friendly a program is, take a good look at a number of user reviews before you purchase any software.

Internet Friendliness

The Internet has become the once source that many people rely on. Therefore, it makes sense to use a program that has Internet connectivity. Many great personal finance programs allow users to connect to the Internet in order to view stock quotes, learn about finance, and speak with helpful customer representatives.

Certain programs, such as QuickBooks, allow users to connect and share with other users. This can be helpful when it comes to sharing data with a partner. If sharing information is important to you, seek out a program that has Internet connectivity and sharing options. Generally, these programs are more expensive than others.


Price is always a factor. No matter what kind of software you are researching, you will always, inevitably, compare prices. This is a wise strategy, but it’s also one that can hinder you. While paying more than $200 for a program may not be necessary, it never pays to purchase the cheapest software available.

Inexpensive software comes with inexpensive features in most instances. Even though it might be tempting, don’t buy software based upon price alone. Instead, compare user-friendliness, features, and connectivity options.