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Personal finance is everything. Personal finance software should provide you with organization, information, and a way to balance your financial life. Personal finance software should not be confusing or overly expensive.

This software should allow you to balance budgets, create cash flow charts, and clearly see where your money is going. More advanced software can connect you directly with your financial institution, provide online help, and allow you to print detailed charts and graphs. A great personal finance program can be purchased for less than $50.

Quicken Starter Edition -- $39

Intuit Inc. is the proud developer of Quicken products. Quicken Starter Edition was created to help users effectively handle bills and budgets. The great thing about Quicken Starter Edition is that this software is effortless. Users won’t be faced with a complex interface when using this software, and there’s no learning curve involved.

A step-by-step guide makes keeping tabs on finances easy, and users can even compare spending habits. All in all, Quicken Starter Edition is a complete basic personal finance package that’s worth every penny. Note: the Starter Edition does not take investing into consideration.

BankTree Personal -- $39

BankTree Personal is a great tool for tracking personal spending habits. Users can easily see where money is being spent, monthly expense amounts, and how to gain additional cash flow. As an added bonus, this program also allows users to download specific financial information from a personal bank account.

The one drawback to BankTree Personal is that this software was created in England, which means that some conversion rates may not be entirely accurate. Otherwise, this is a fine program to use when searching for a way to keep personal finances in order.

Moneydance -- $49

Moneydance is slightly more expensive than other top contenders. However, this software offers users a direct online bill payment feature, which is worth the extra funds. Users can also create and track graphs, manage investments, balance personal budgets, and follow a useful payment schedule.

As far as personal finance software goes, Moneydance offers users a complete program that’s worth the extra cost. In addition, Moneydance can be used on Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems – something that most other programs can’t do.

AceMoney -- $30

Generally, buying software that’s less expensive isn’t a good idea. AceMoney is one of the few exceptions to this rule. AceMoney gains top marks for its extremely easy to use interface. Users can view complete account information as soon as this program is opened. When AceMoney compiles user finance information, everything under the sun is added including owed credit card amounts, investments, and current cash flow.

Users can also track spending habits, create budgets, and play around with currencies. For a program that’s priced far less that others in its class, AceMoney really is one of the best personal finance software options on the market.