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Time is the one thing that most people could use more of. Yet, no matter how hard one tries, time is also the one thing that is impossible to stretch. Becoming highly organized is the one sure-fire way to accomplish almost all daily tasks.

For those who are organizationally-challenged, organizational software will help to put most things into perspective. You can purchase organization software for less than $100, and many of these programs are free for individual use.

Mindful -- $12+

Twelve dollars is a small price to pay for software that acts as your second memory. Mindful reminds you of every upcoming event. In addition, this program also keeps track of all of your passwords. Simply enter your passwords, select a master password, and Mindful will do the rest for you. Even though this program doesn’t come with any extra frills, it provides an excellent way to keep track of your life. You’ll never miss an event or deadline again with Mindful.

ScheduFlow -- $7+

ScheduFlow is an innovative program brought to you by Duoserve. Not only does this software allow you to schedule all kinds of events in calendar-form, but it also allows you to share your calendar with others. The Internet-based program helps you book appointments, share information, manage projects, and keep track of upcoming meetings. Even though ScheduFlow is Internet-based, this program uses SSL encryption to keep your data safe.

Microsoft Outlook -- $100+

When most people think of organization software, Microsoft’s Outlook comes to mind. This gold standard is more expensive than most other organization programs, yet its expense is justifiable. Outlook allows you to combine instant messages, email, and your daily calendar with contacts, notes, and task lists. You can also share your Outlook calendar with other Outlook users securely and safely. The main purpose of Outlook is to make sure that your time is managed efficiently. Keeping this purpose in mind, Outlook does its job very well. If you have the money to spend on Microsoft Outlook, this software is well worth the price.

Calendar Magic – Free

If you’re looking to free up some desk space by creating a virtual calendar, Calendar Magic is for you. This program offers users many different calendar styles ranging from Chinese calendars to Aztec calendars. Calendar Magic will remember any important dates that you want to keep in mind. This program also allows you to add reminders, religious holidays, and notes. If you aren’t great at keeping track of events and holidays, Calendar Magic is a great idea. This program also has a simple interface that can be used without any fuss. As a free program, Calendar Magic is worth the download.

Perpetual Calendar – Free

Similar to Calendar Magic, Perpetual Calendar is a basic calendar program. This program uses Microsoft Excel, and it allows you to print monthly and yearly calendars. Enter holidays, birthdays, and other important events into Perpetual Calendar in order to keep track of your life. This program is also free, which makes it a great way to get organized.