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  • PhoneDeck Syncs Smart Phones with Notebook and Desktop PCs
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PhoneDeck is a simple, desktop solution for managing phone calls on your computer. The system is free and allows users to place and take phone calls from their mobile phone, on their computer. There are many advantages and uses for this application. It's perfect for telemarketing or other business use, as it saves time and money by allowing employees to place calls with the click of a button, as opposed to 7-10 buttons, as well as collecting information about the calls placed and received. PhoneDeck is also great for personal use, as it's free and convenient.

PhoneDeck isn't the first application of it's kind. Skype, Google Voice, and other similar services have been around for years, which allow users to place, record, and receive phone calls from their computer. However, one of the things that makes PhoneDeck stand apart, is that it allows users to sync their existing mobile phone to their computer, instead of creating a new contact number. The fact that it is free to use is also a very attractive feature of this particular service.

From a business standpoint, PhoneDeck makes a lot of sense. For one thing, it's free, so there's no strain on the budget for implementing the application. Additionally, the service eliminates the need for employees to talk on their smart phones while at their desk. Even if the mobile phone is being used for business reasons, there is a lot of distracting elements to a smart phone, so keeping the employee's focus on his or her computer can save a lot of time and energy.

Having the mobile phone synced to the computer is also great for a lot of personal-use reasons. There are some people who keep their phone attached to them at all times, but many of us have a bit more difficulty keeping track of our devices. Now, if the phone rings while at the computer, the more scatterbrained among us need not search our homes to take the call. With PhoneDeck, phone calls can be managed straight from the computer.

The application can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. Calls are not the only feature of this service. The PhoneDeck application also allows users to store, edit, and view contact information from the phone. Users can also send and receive text messages from the application. Imagine that you're in the middle of watching a live-streamed conference call, and a friend or coworker is calling. Instead of just ignoring the call, with PhoneDeck, users can easily send a quick text message, assuring the contact that you've noted the call, but can't talk at the moment.

Although there is some skepticism as to the usefulness of this feature, PhoneDeck also includes analytics features. The application collects statistics of your phone's activity on a daily basis. Users can easily check the battery life of their mobile phone from anywhere with Internet access. Statistics such as how many calls or texts are sent and received each day, and which contacts are most frequently used are all provided with this service. Put simply, PhoneDeck makes communication a little bit easier.