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It’s nearly impossible to mention the term “photo editing” without the name “Adobe” popping up. Adobe has cornered the photo editing market for some time now. Yet, other programs have started to catch up to the photo editing giant. This article will not focus on Adobe photo editing software.

This is not because Adobe has lost its touch or because Adobe isn’t worth your money. Instead, the intent of this article is to introduce you to two other photo editing options. Please note that the prices listed in this article were approximate at the time of this writing.

Xara Photo and Graphic Designer -- $80+

Xara Photo and Graphic Designer is quickly gaining attention within the review world. This program is ideal for both professional and amateur use thanks to its user-friendly, highly planned, interface. Users can find items quickly, choose from an array of options, and import nearly any file. In fact, Xara Photo and Graphic Designer allow you to import more than forty different types of files, which is far more than most other photo editing programs on the market.

Since Xara Photo and Graphic Designer isn’t created by Adobe, this program isn’t complicated. Instead of bombarding users with an array of editing tools that are downright difficult to use, Xara Photo and Graphic Designer comes with a simple set of editing tools that get the job done. Another nice feature that this program includes is the ability to share photos in many different ways.

Users can share edited photos via email, PDA, cell phone, uploading to various online sites, and through a number of other methods. All of these options simply add to Xara Photo and Graphic Designer’s appeal. While the price of this program isn’t the lowest on the market, you generally get what you pay for when it comes to photo editing software. As such, Xara Photo and Graphic Designer is a top-notch program for a completely fair price. If you purchase this program, you won’t need any other editing help.

Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro X3 -- $50+

Hot on Adobe’s heels is Corel. Corel has been making photo editing software for some time now, and people all across the world are starting to switch from Adobe to Corel. The main problem with Adobe Photoshop is that this program is complicated in every manner. Corel has taken all the good things about Adobe’s Photoshop, and put all of those things into one neat, user-friendly, package.

Corel has packed Paint Shop Photo Pro with an array of tools that will help you blend, blur, sharpen, and fix any photo. The amount of features and editing tools that this program comes with is truly amazing. Yet, there’s nothing difficult or hard to understand about Paint Shop Photo Pro. You won’t get bogged down with too many options and feature, which is entirely refreshing.

Another great thing about Corel’s Paint Shop Photo Pro is the extra features that come with this program. You can organize photos, choose from many different tools and effects, and customize a photo in any manner that you can think of – all of this for a program that doesn’t cost more than $60. If you want a stand-out program that’s very simple to use, but includes everything that Adobe packs into Photoshop, your best bet is Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro X3.