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  • Adobe is Giving Aways Some Photoshop Aspects for Free
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If you’ve always wanted to dip into the world of Adobe’s popular Photoshop but never had the budget for the best features, you can rejoice today. Adobe is giving away some of the program’s top features for free. Here are all the details.

Branching Out

Because of its higher price tag, Adobe’s Photoshop was (for a long time now) preserved for professionals and companies that wanted to pay for the expensive full version of the program. This immediately isolated any individual users that didn’t want to pay to use Photoshop.

But, most people that used Photoshop on an individual and casual basis do so by using a pirated copy. Pirated copies don’t generate any income for companies like Adobe, so the company has decided to make some of the more popular features accessible by making them free. What can you get for free from Adobe right now?

What’s Available

The desktop version of Photoshop now comes with a bundle that includes both Lightroom and Photoshop for just $9.99 per month (a lot cheaper than getting the whole version). If you go the mobile route though, you can get various parts of Photoshop for free. Some of those parts include the new Photoshop Fix for iPad, which allows users to edit images with Photoshop tools.

Photoshop’s Fix for mobile includes all kinds of editing tools that make it a lot more fun and simpler to edit photos. Since apps like Instagram and built in apps on devices like the iPhone already allow mobile users to easily edit photos, so it makes sense for Adobe to offer something to keep up with the competition.

How it Works

When tested, Adobe’s Photoshop Fix works very well right off the bat. Photos are easy to edit, editing tools work very well and are super responsive, and creating a picture that looks amazing is as simple as it should be using a product by a company that has long cornered the photo editing market.

One of the coolest features of Fix is a face editing tool that lets users edit facial features. So, let’s say that you want to make someone’s nose bigger or smaller - you can do that using Fix.

While the face editing feature is fun, it’s also a way to drastically edit photos so that they don’t really look like you - then again, that’s kind of what Adobe wants to achieve with Fix. Since we live in an age of selfies and online dating, anyone using the Fix app will find that it’s a lot easier with this app to change the way that they look.

So, Adobe is right in line with the newest photo editing trends, and the company may be able to gain some users with the new free mobile apps and cheaper desktop options.

Where to Get It

Right now, you can get Photoshop Fix on iOS. Adobe has told press that an Android version of the app is coming soon, but it has not been released yet. If you have an iOS device, Fix is well worth checking out if you need another photo editing app, that is.