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Learning to play the piano requires a fair amount of dedication. While only the likes of Mozart and Beethoven were able to pick up the piano without a great deal of instruction, you can become a pianist by using top software. There are many different piano lesson software options available. Some of these programs are just as good as having a personal piano teacher.

Other programs require a bit more patience. If you’re looking to pick up the piano, but you don’t have a lot of time to kill, you’ll want to take a close look at the software options listed below. Please note that all prices included in this review were approximate at the time of this writing.

Piano Suite Premier -- $80

Piano Suite Premier is moderately priced as far as piano software goes. In addition to a good price, Piano Suite Premier includes a large list of songs, options, and lessons that beginners of all ages will enjoy. Whether you prefer rock or classical music, Piano Suite Premier offers more than 500 different song options. In addition, a handy search tool will help you find the type of song that you’re looking for quickly.

If you have a basic grasp of understanding notes and reading music, you’ll get a lot out of Piano Suite Premier. The one drawback to this program is a lack of video instruction, which some people may find helpful. Video instruction can be found on a number of programs that range in price from $90 to $100+.

Rocket Piano -- $35+

While not an expensive program by any means, Rocket Piano is one of the top programs available. This program includes all kinds of helpful playing tips in addition to essential items that all pianists need to know about. You’ll learn how to hold your hands, the correct piano playing posture, and you’ll also have your pick of hundreds of different songs spanning a wide range of genres. One of the best things about Rocket Piano is that this program is largely interactive.

Rocket Piano includes a website that is full of downloads and free trial offers. You’ll also have access to a weekly newsletter that contains lots of helpful information. Each lesson is full of links and audio files that will help perfect your skills, and plenty of other details that will make learning the piano a cinch. Some may find that Rocket Piano’s lack of customer support is frustrating, but you can contact this company through Rocket Piano’s website. If you learn well on your own, you’ll enjoy this program immensely. You can also sign up for a six day trial period just to make sure that Rocket Piano is your speed.

Piano Wizard Academy -- $400+

If you’re serious about learning the play the piano, you may want to invest in Piano Wizard Academy. At more than $400 per program, this is not a cheap option by any stretch of the imagination. However, Piano Wizard Academy does offer you a ton of great lessons and games for this high price. Using a video game format, Piano Wizard Academy was built to teach you how to play the piano by inciting interaction.

Piano Wizard Academy also features a unique four step process that will have you playing songs in no time. Color coordination, games, and lessons that are a lot of fun will make learning how to play the piano truly exciting. Four hundred dollars is a lot to spend on a program, but Piano Wizard Academy is, arguably, the best piano lesson program on the planet.