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  • The Pillow Talk Device Aims to Make Being Away Simpler
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Being in a long distance relationship is tough. While you may enjoy every moment of each other’s company when you are together, when you’re away from your partner the loneliness can be hard to handle.

A new device called ‘Pillow Talk’ aims to fix that problem. This device allows you to listen to the sound of your partner’s heartbeat while you are sleeping via wristband.

Sound like something you might like (or your partner might like)? Read on!

How Pillow Talk Works

Both you and your partner must wear a wristband in order for Pillow Talk to work. The wristband also comes with a small speaker that is meant to be placed beneath your pillow. When two people strap on the bands, each heartbeat is recorded and sent to the other person via an Android app. When both people are wearing the wristband, it’s possible to hear your partner’s heartbeat thanks to that app.

While Pillow Talk was obviously created for lovers, this app and wristband has another purpose (that’s how this writer sees it, anyway). When mothers are away from their babies, it’s not uncommon for a baby not to sleep. If a wristband could be attached to a crib (and the speaker hidden beneath a mattress or somewhere else that’s safe and secure), a baby could hear its mother’s heartbeat making it easier for that baby to sleep.

While the company probably hasn’t thought about the mother and baby application yet, it’s something that you may want to think about if you do spend some time away from a baby that won’t sleep.

Comfort Level

When you’re considering anything that has to do with sleep, comfort should be a top priority. The Pillow Talk wristband and speaker were both designed with ultimate comfort in mind, which is a really positive thing. Both are made from soft padded fabric, and the bands can be worn at night without any irritation to your wrist.

Whether or not you will be able to sleep with a speaker underneath your pillow is entirely a matter of preference, but the company has noted that even the speaker is soft and pliable for ultimate comfort.


The bands come in various colors including red and blue, and you can also remove the top of the speaker if you want to make the sound of your partner’s heartbeat even louder. You can also plug your headphones into your phone to listen to your partner’s heartbeat if you can stand wearing headphones to sleep.

Where to Get It

Right now, Pillow Talk is a Kickstarter campaign, but it’s bound to be something that a lot of people will want to use. A large number of people live apart from their spouses on a regular basis, so this device might just make that time apart easier to cope with. Right now, the company hasn’t reached its Kickstarter goal, but it’s starting to get closer to that magic number. Love this idea? Support the project on Kickstarter.