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  • Pinerly Provides Pinterest Analytics
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Pinerly is a service, currently in beta testing, that provides analytics data for pins posted on the popular social media site Pinterest.com. Word of mouth has always been one of the most powerful advertising tools, and the instant, lasting communication provided by the Internet and social media has made it even more powerful. Sites like Pinterest.com are a marketing executive's dream. People from all over the world are voluntarily publishing what draws their attention. Pinerly allows anyone to track pins on Pinterest, which can reveal which are the hot topics among Pinterest users.

One thing that social media and the Internet has taught us, is how much we love sharing our thoughts and interests. Of course, this is nothing new, but the Internet has brought our ability to share to a whole new level. With blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and even online diaries, it is easier than ever to express oneself and share those expressions with loved ones and strangers alike. People love to connect with one another, and one of the most simple ways to do that is by finding common ground. With the Internet, and sites like Facebook and Pinterest, people can find dozens of friends and strangers that share their interests. Instead of exchanging small talk with each of these people, connecting is as easy displaying your interests with a Facebook post, Tweet, or Pin.

How Pinerly Works

The Pinerly homepage is fairly straight-forward, especially for people familiar with Pinterest. Basic statistics are displayed, including number of users following and followed, as well as how many likes, pins, and boards are posted under the account. At the top of the homepage are navigational buttons for quick access to the user's campaigns, pinalytics, suggestions, and a coming soon section. The campaigns refer to pins posted and tracked, and the analytics of the pins are displayed on the pinalytics page.

In order to track pins posted to Pinterest, they must be posted from within Pinerly. The process only adds a couple of simple steps to what those familiar with Pinterest are used to. From the Pinerly homepage, users can select the campaign button to begin tracking a pin. The user can begin the campaign by uploading an image from his or her computer or a website. Once the image is uploaded, the next screen prompts the user to add a description of up to 500 characters of the pin and a link. Once complete, sending the pin to Pinterest is as easy as clicking the big, red "Pinerly It" button.

The button will take the user to Pinterest.com, where he or she can choose a board to post the pin to. Once the pin has been posted on Pinterest.com, the user must indicate that the pin has been posted on Pinerly to begin tracking. Users are free and encouraged to track as many campaigns as they want. Daily analytics are displayed on the Pinalytics page. For the time being, Pinalytics only includes basic information about campaigns, such as amount of clicks, likes, and repins per day.