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  • Pinterest Analytics: Now Here
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Pinterest is where I go when I want inspiration. Searching for paint colours? Pinterest users have pinned colours galore. Need some new recipes? Just look for the recipes that fellow pinners have posted. But, Pinterest can be used for more than personal research too.

Plenty of companies use Pinterest to showcase products. Or, to show followers what types of products a company's employees are currently into. Pinning photos is an excellent way to send the world your company "vibe." Only, does all that time and effort you put into selecting pins and showing off your goods amount to anything? How can you tell? Well, Pinterest now comes with an analytics tool.

The New Pinterest Analytics Tool

Pinterest's new analytics tool is simple. The tool tells users how many people look at pins on a regular basis. It also shows how many hits a particular pin has received. You can also tell how many repins a pin has generated. Really, this is an all-around tool that should have been invented some time ago.

But, there are other Pinterest analytics tools too. Curalate and Pinfluencer are two of the most popular Pinterest analytics tools. So, the analytics tool that Pinterest has created doesn't really replace either one of those, since it's not as sophisticated or detailed (which could be a good thing). But, if you're just looking for a casual tool for casual Pinterest usage, you may find the new tool quite useful.

Pinterest Is Moving Forward

Not only has Pinterest finally developed an analytics tool, but the site is also moving in the ad direction.Just like other social sites, Pinterest needs a way to make money. Pinterest recently announced business accounts, and it looks like ads are around the corner.

While ads will ruin the serene look that Pinterest currently has, the company does have to generate revenue somehow. Pinterest is being very careful, though, to promote the company's free and useful tools first. Once those have been widely received, other options (like ads) can be introduced safely, so it seems.

If you aren't using Pinterest to promote your products or goods, now is a great time to do so. Pinning pictures and photos is easy to do, it's a lot of fun, and it's a great way to spread the word about your product or service.

Launch Date and Other Details

The Pinterest Analytics tool has officially launched and is free to use. Save yourself the hassle of wondering which of your posts are popular and which aren't by using this new tool. Analytics are a great way to gain an overall understanding of what happens with any social account, and Pinterest is really no exception to this rule.

For now, the analytics offering from Pinterest is free too. If you use Pinterest, want a detailed way to track your progress, and aren't into using an overly complicated analytics tool, the new service that Pinterest has come up with is what you want. Check it out on the Pinterest site today.