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  • Pinterest Tells You When Pinned Items Go On Sale
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The great thing about Pinterest is that it lets you dream. Love that really expensive painting or run you just pinned but can't afford to actually buy it? You can pit it, dream about it, and move on with your life. So many Pinterest users have created beautiful galleries full of lovely items that seem out of reach. But, what if those items weren't really out of your reach?

Pinterest has just launched a sale notification feature that lets Pinterest users know when a pinned item has gone on sale. So, you can pin that amazing blanket you just saw that's $500, and be notified when that blanket goes on sale - from there, it's up to you to make the purchase.

Sale Pins and You

Pinterest is, clearly, trying to get into the eCommerce movement through the social network. In fact, it's one of the few networks that's really lined up to move into the online retail space. Pinterest users are already pinning items from stores daily, so why not let those users know when items go on sale?

Oddly enough, though, Pinterest has told press that the company is not taking a cut of any sold items. Users are notified of sales, can click or tap on a photo to view a website, but Pinterest isn't getting a cut. Not yet, anyway. It sure seems like the company is lining up for some additional revenue, though.

When You Will Be Notified

Pinterest is using aggregated emails, so you won't be bombarded by spam on a regular basis. But, you will start getting sale notifications of items that you have pinned soon enough. The new feature is already at work, and many Pinterest users have already received sale notices.

The one thing differentiating Pinterest from other, similar, eCommerce services is that Pinterest won't let you know if an item goes on sale from any store. For example: if you pin an item from Nordstrom through Pinterest, you will know when Nordstrom puts that item on sale. But, you won't be notified of the same item goes on sale at, say, Saks. Still it's an interesting feature.

Opting Out

For some reasons, companies now require users to opt out of programs like the one that Pinterest has set up. Instead of opting to be notified of sale items, you have to opt out of getting these notifications. You can do so by playing around with your settings when you head to your Pinterest profile.

Seemingly, Pinterest email notifications will also include an opt out link on the bottom of each email, so check those out when you have a chance. If you really don't want to be bothered with sale items, set up a different email account. For some, sale notifications are a good thing. For others, being notified every time something goes on sale can be bothersome.

Does Pinterest's new sale notifications take away from that dream-like state that Pinterest allows users to be in? Or, do you find sale notifications helpful and useful?

Photo Courtesy of Bixentro via Flickr Creative Commons