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  • This Console is Flat and Attaches to Your TV
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Here's an original idea: a SteamOS gaming console that attaches to the backside of your flatscreen TV (or behind any flat surface, really). This is the exact design that Pixl has come up with. It's called the 'Jetpack,' and it runs on Valve's SteamOS.

The Jetpack can also run Linux or Windows, but the real catch here is that this box is flat. How can one piece of hardware fit snugly onto the back of nearly any flat surface? It stretches, of course!

Sssstretching It Out

The Jetpack attaches to surfaces using a regular VESA unit mount and a stretchy chassis. This mouth setup will work on any TV that reaches 70-inches. It's really the first of its kind, and it's bound to be a big hit with anyone seeking a Steam option.

But, what about Valve's SteamOS? Is it ready to go? Not quite yet. SteamOS is still in development, but Pixl's Jetpack will be optimized for Valve's SteamOS. This means that the two companies are working together to bring you a new kind of TV/media center.

How Much?

Does the Jetpack sound like something you'd like to purchase? You'll have to hang on for a while longer. Pixl hasn't released any pricing details, but I'm going to go ahead and give that price a stab - I'll put my money on $2500. You?

But, what is it? A PC tower? A console? The truth is that the tech press world doesn't know what to call the Jetpack. Some are sprouting off the phrase 'Steam Machine,' while others see this as a glorified desktop - one that's flat and runs on SteamOS. Then again (if you think about it) what console isn't a PC running on a unique OS? Right?

A Rose By Any Name...

It doesn't really matter what you call the Jetpack. It's flat, it's a unique idea, it stretches, and a lot of people are going to love it (if the prices is right, that is). Plus, you can hide this console, PC, whatever behind your TV, so there's no unsightly mess to worry about (because, face it, some of those consoles aren't all that appealing design-wise).

Pixl has also told press that this device will have "universal GPU" options, and that means that you can pick and choose your graphics card options. The one concern I might have is whether or not this device heats up. It's hard to tell from Pixl's pictures if the Jetpack has some kind of cooling system in place (or how hot it will get), so that might be something to watch.

Possible Drawbacks Stated?

Other issues that you can think of? And, what would you call this piece of hardware? A console, a box, a PC? The other important question (especially for any Pixl rep that's reading this): what will you gladly pay for the Jetpack? Anything at all? Let me know what you think - or what you see the problems here being (cause every device has some!).