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  • Pizza From Your Xbox 360?
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So, here's something that you don't see every day: it is now possible to order a pizza using your Xbox 360. What? That's right, Pizza Hut and Xbox have teamed up to bring you ordering through your console. How great is that? You can sit back, play games, and order a pie all at the same time. What goes together better than pizza and gaming?

Not much, right? That's exactly what Microsoft and Pizza Hut were thinking when the two decided to work together. So, how does it all work? Does some kind of magical genie pop out of your Xbox in order to deliver a hot deep dish? Not quite. Here's the lowdown.

How to Order Pizza From Your Xbox

It all happens with a newly launched Xbox Live app. This app lets users connect a Xbox Live account with Pizza Hut. Once connected, it's really all very simple. You just use your controller, voice, or Kinect gestures to order up your pie. Want a custom order? That can be arranged too.

There are other ways to order pizzas digitally, but this is the first console plus pizza delivery app available. And, might I say, it's a great idea. I mean, how often have you played a game and thought to yourself: "I really wish I could order a pizza right now!" Right? Well, now you can. But, you do have to have a Pizza Hut in your area.

App Availability

Now that I have your stomachs rumbling, you might be wondering when, exactly, you can get your hands on that new app. Well, the app should be rolling out today across the land (and by "land" I mean USA). If you live in the states, have an Xbox 360, and want to connect your Xbox to the Pizza Hut app, all it takes is a quick click.

Before you know it, a hot pie will be at your doorsteps - all without leaving your living room or putting down your controller. For other digital ways to order pizza, check out the Domino's iPad app. While not a gaming pizza app, the Domino's iPad app does let you order a custom pie through your iPad, which is still pretty great.

Your Thoughts?

What do you think about this new Pizza Hut/Xbox initiative? Will you order pizza using your Xbox console, or is the whole thing a little too disconnected for you? Imagine if you could order all kinds of food through your gaming consoles? Someday soon, you might not be restricted to just pizza. You may be able to order everything from sushi to salad through your consoles, who knows?

On the downside (yep, even pizza has a downside), the new app isn't exactly helping with America's growing weight problem. Sitting, gaming, and eating pizza are three very good ways not to lose weight. Then again, I'm guessing that most people who will use this app will do so during major gaming sessions...and those don't happen every day, right?