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  • Ways to Play Scrabble Online
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Scrabble is an international phenomenon. This additive word game is played on every continent and is a favorite among families and friends, but also among competitors online. Playing Scrabble online allows you to pit your anagramming skills against challengers from far and wide. Online Scrabble solves the problem of not being able to find a willing opponent once and for all. Because Scrabble is a registered trademark of Hasbro Inc., it goes by many other names. But this easily imitable game has many outlets for players to engage in wordsmithing fun. Check out a few of the top places to play Scrabble online for free on the Internet below.

(Note: Many of the online web-based Scrabble games require the latest version of Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox and Adobe Flash.)

1. Pogo.com Scrabble

Pogo.com has official licensing from Hasbro and offers you a true blue, authentic Scrabble experience online. Visit Pogo.com to play Scrabble online as a guest or sign up free to keep track of your high scores and record. You can also play against other players on Pogo.com.

2. Facebook Scrabble

Scrabble has an official Facebook application that lets you pit your word knowledge against your Facebook friends. If you don’t already have a Facebook account, sign up at Facebook.com. Next, simply type “Scrabble” in the search box to find the official Scrabble application. You can click “Create a Game” and invite up to 3 of your Facebook friends to play, or join a public game.

3. Scrabble on your Smartphone

Mobile gaming is sweeping the nation, and Scrabble is on the frontlines. Scrabble has an official app in the iPhone App Store, Android Marketplace and BlackBerry App World. However, these apps must be purchased to play. For a free alternative, consider Words with Friends for the iPhone. Mobile online Scrabble is turn-based, allowing you to play whenever you have a chance. Games sometimes span several days!

4. Lexulous

Lexulous is a free web-based crossword game that you can also play via Facebook or a mobile device. Lexulous looks, feels and plays like Scrabble, but neatly sidesteps the trademark issues with its alternate name. Lexulous also features a practice mode, where you can hone your skills against LEX the robot and an email version. You can also play against random opponents via Lexulous, in case all of your friends are busy. (Note: Lexulous was originally called Scrabulous, but changed its name due to legal action enacted by Hasbro and Mattel.)

5. HubWorld.com

HubWorld.com is another source for official Scrabble online play. HubWorld is one of the few places to obtain licensing from Hasbro, and as such, their game actually carries the Scrabble moniker. Currently, HubWorld.com offers Scrabble Sprint, a quick, one-player version of Scrabble.

Scrabble is a game best played with friends—but if you don’t have three Scrabble junkies around at the time, it’s just as fun to make new friends by playing Scrabble online. From official online versions of Scrabble to worthy clones and play-alikes, competitive crossword fun is just a few clicks away.