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  • PlayStation Plus Users Get These Awesome New Titles for Free
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If you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you'll love what Sony has in store for you. To ring in the new year, Sony is offering Plus subscribers three free games including Devil May Cry, Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons, and Bioshock Infinite. These titles are expected to be some of the best that 2014 brings, and now they are free to Plus subscribers.

The Details

During the month of January, PlayStation Plus subscribers will find the new titles through the Instant Game Collection. As stated, though, you have to have PlayStation Plus in order to grab the free titles. Plus costs around $49, and that price might be worth it if you like the titles listed above.

Why is Sony offering free games? Simply put, the company wants you to sign up for Plus, and (frankly) the titles that Sony is releasing will more than make up for that monthly cost. After all, those three games are some of the best that you can expect from 2014. Additional games will also be added to the collection throughout the year, so you can expect Sony to make that $49 well worth your hard earned dollars.

Is Plus Worth It?

In one word: absolutely. Plus is available at 12 month stints, and the cost is really reasonable when you consider all the free games you'll get as opposed to buying or renting games elsewhere. You can also find lots of Plus discounts online, and that will take some of the sting out of the $50. But, really, $50 for unlimited games is not a bad thing at all.

I also love how Plus offers automatic patching, which saves a lot of time and energy. Any games you download will automatically be installed, and that's a definite bonus. Serious gamers may not love all that Plus offers game-wise, but it's tough to fault Sony for the recent release of titles the company has put out.

Other Releases

PlayStation 4 users will get Don't Starve to start, and PS Vita users will get Worms: Battle Island in addition to the trivia game Smart As. The aforementioned titles are for PS3 users. All in all, it's not a bad free lineup that Sony is putting forth. My suggestion to you is this: if you don't have PS Plus, it might be time to get it. Sure, it's a $50 fee, but that money will go a lot longer if you sign up for Plus rather than rent or buy games.

Sony is doing a good thing with the newest free game titles. Make sure to look for those titles (after you subscribe to Plus) this year. Whether you have a PS3, PS4, or Vita, the titles that Sony is offering for free are anything but shabby!

What's your take on this? Is Plus worth it? If you have a Plus account, do you love or hate what Sony offers (I'm guessing you now love it!). Let others know what you think about Plus below - and whether you're looking forward to these titles or not.