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  • PlayStation 3D TV Display
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Not too long ago, Sony announced that the company would be developing a 3D TV just for PlayStation gamers. This announcement was largely ignored at first, since the last thing that the world needs is another 3D TV. However, Sony being Sony, made it clear that the new television would be just for gamers, and the company has lived up to this promise. Now that the television is on the market, reviews across the board appreciate with Sony has done.

If you are a serious gamer, you might want to consider looking into Sony’s 3D TV offering. This television isn’t something that you’ll want if you aren’t a PlayStation fan, but it is worth considering if you enjoy all that the PlayStation has to offer. It’s also worth considering if you have a few hundred dollars to spend on a new 3D TV.

The Price

Sony wants gamers to want the new 3D TV. Yet, this 24-inch television comes with a hefty price tag that many people may not be able to justify. Sony has priced the new 24-inch TV at $500. Yep, that’s $500 for a 24-inch 3D TV. If this sounds like a lot of money for a very small TV, you aren’t alone in thinking this way. In fact, Sony’s newest gaming television isn’t flying of off store shelves, and it’s not a gaming accessory that’s a necessity.

However, to be fair, Sony has packed this little television with some interesting features that gamers may want to consider (even if the price tag is a bit high). Some of these features include component jacks, two HDMI ports, and a very cool display that allows two players to play at once (in a different sort of way).

A Split Screen

Perhaps the most touted feature of the Sony 3D PlayStation TV is the split screen feature. Sony has devised a screen that allows two players to play a game at once, and both players can view their moves on either side of the screen. This is a feature that doesn’t really exist elsewhere, and it’s one that is helping Sony sell these expensive televisions to serious gamers everywhere.

In addition to the split screen, the resolution is excellent providing a crystal clear screen that you’ll want to spend more time staring at. You’ll also get a pair of 3D glasses and a HDMI cable when you purchase this TV. As an added bonus, Sony has also thrown in a copy of Motorstorm: Apocolypse just to get you hooked.


If you’re looking for the ultimate PlayStation accessory and you have $500 to spend on a television, the new Sony PlayStation 3D TV might be what you’re looking for. I recommend giving this television a test run at a gaming store near you. Otherwise, you can purchase the new 3D TV online or in some electronics stores. While Sony may have slapped a high price tag on this new 3D TV, many gamers are willing to cough up the cash for a 3D TV that’s all about gaming.