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  • HTC and PlayStation Hook Up
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There’s no doubt about it – mobile gaming is about to eclipse handheld and console gaming. As console and handheld gaming system sales decline, smartphone users are now more plentiful than ever before, and, believe it or not, there’s room next to Angry Birds on the smartphone gaming shelf. The latest company to make the foray into mobile gaming is Sony with its PlayStation One games, rumor has it.

If you own a HTC phone, you might just be in luck. Sources say that HTC and Sony will be teaming up to bring HTC owners access to PlayStation One games within the next month or so. This is big new within the gaming world, since smartphone users are searching for the next biggest game. So far, Rovio has cornered the popular smartphone gaming market, but the Finnish company may have to make room for some age-old gaming brands like Atari and Sony.

Is This A Move by Sony or HTC?

At first glance, it seems as though Sony is trying to compete with the likes of Rovio and Atari. However, one has to wonder what HTC is up to in the process. Not too long ago, HTC announced that the company would be making purchasing a large stake (51% according to Mashable) in Beats (the electronics company founded by Dr. Dre). Teaming up with Sony to offer the world the first PlayStation compatible smartphones seems to be in line with HTC’s new found interest in consumer electronics (granted, gaming is a bit different, but the two can be compared relatively well).

Sources aren’t clear on which company made the move first, but it’s clearly a partnership that will work out well all around. While iPhone users aren’t likely to welcome the news that Android users will get their hands on PlayStation One games first, both HTC and Sony will benefit from this team-up, no doubt. If you own an Android phone, you can expect to start playing some PlayStation One games soon enough (as mentioned, sources say next month will mark the start of the new mobile games).

PlayStation One: What’s It About?

In case you’re not familiar with the PlayStation One games that are about to come your way (if you have a HTC phone, that is), some titles to look for include Final Fantasy, Medal of Honor, Resident Evil, and various other games. Now, Sony hasn’t stated which of the PlayStation One games will be available through HTC phones in the future, but I’m betting that all of those popular titles will soon be showing up on a screen near you.

For now, you’ll have to sit back and wait as those popular gaming companies battle it out for a slice of the mobile gaming pie. It will be interesting to watch this fight nonetheless, since many companies are now in the arena together. Ones to watch out for include Nintendo, Sony, Atari, and, of course, Rovio. If you have a HTC phone, make sure to comment back when the PlayStation One games arrive and let me know what Sony is bringing to the mobile gaming table!